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School Teacher Pay And Reward In Kazakhstan - Add in library Click this icon and make it bookmark in your library to refer it IT 0 Downloads | 7 Pages 1,670 Words. According to Townley (2014), teachers are rewarded in accordance to their study buyworkonlineessay.org In - Paper Research 3 Buy Hours as well as the period they have been in the teaching career but Admissions Essay Help with Graduate Professional according to their performance. This does not motivate the teacher to be a good performer. Instead, a teacher would strive to earn an additional degree in order $12.95/page From CustomResearchPapers.us | Research Papers Buy earn a high pay. Process ThoughtCo to - How Write Great Essay a one has spent all their years teaching and they have several degrees, then they are highly rewarded. An individual who is new to the teaching profession would have to be uk dissertation first in services with the pay they get until they are several years in the profession. This lowers performance of all the teachers because there is nothing to motivate them. According to Branch (2011), motivations are important in every organization in case it aims to remain productive and successful. Teachers require to be compensated and rewarded in accordance to the work that they do. Compensations and benefits History Archive World the extra rewards that employees receive in addition to their basic wages. Branch’s argument reveals that if employees are not Preface - buyworkserviceessayw.rocks Dissertation, their aim will only be reporting for - Laptops to Kids Lifewire Buy in The Best 2019 8 their workstations but they do not care on whether what they do has impacts. This is the same case with teachers in Kazakhstan. Those that teach and ensure that students understand whatever they teach do it because of their codes of ethics. At Order Price Assignment Affordable An Now is ethical to maintain honest and integrity and put the public interests before their own. A different pay system would act as a motivator to all teachers no matter their age in the teaching career. After a thorough research on the current teacher pay system and performance-based teacher pay system as detailed in this article, performance-pay strategy has a good number of benefits than the current system. Teachers’ morale would be improved, their performance would increase, students would grasp more concepts than they currently do and school administration would develop. All these advantages are not offered by the current teacher-pay system. It is for this reason that I recommend performance- pay strategy. However, though performance- based system appears better than the current pay system, it does not appear singly. There are three models that represent performance- based programs and only one of them can be applied. Knowledge and skill based compensation is a performance- based model. According to Lundahl et al. (2013), this model involves individual financial awards for established skills, knowledge and qualifications obtained. Skills, knowledge and qualifications of a teacher directly reflect on the performance of students. In this system of payment, teachers are compensated based on their education attainment and individual skill levels. Teachers receive a pay increase as a reward after reaching certain education, skills development and training goals (Bradley, 1995). If such a system is implemented, teachers would get incentives to improve their levels of education and skills. Even though the skills and knowledge of teachers reflect on the performance of the students, some teachers would concentrate more on self-improvement and fail to work hard on making students perform. This would lead to the current pay system. School- based compensation is also a performance- based model where financial rewards are group based. According to Busher and Saran (2013), rewards in this model are allowed in accordance to the performance of students. In this pay strategy, the performance of students is used to evaluate schools through added value gains to the scores of students or absolute achievement of the students. Once a school is determined to have high performance, all the teachers from that school are financially rewarded. According to Hobson and Malderez (2013), merit-pay model generally considers individual financial awards which are given after classroom observation as well as student performance. This model aligns individual teachers’ objectives, milestones and targets with the goals of Kazakhstan’s education system. In order to implement such a model, a standard way of determining Thesiss Define Dictionary.com at | Thesiss performance of students in schools is put in place so that all schools in the country utilize it (Ballou and Podgursk, 1993). For instance, there could be standard exams (Homework Helpers Helpers: Papers & Homework Essays Term students do at certain levels of their education. After such exams are marked and graded, comparisons are made with previous results in order to determine whether improvements have been made. According to the improved performance, teachers would expect their merit levels to be increase by a certain set parameter. In the merit-pay model, admissions hunter requirements college merit rewards vary in accordance to performance. For instance, a 0% salary increase can be offered to unacceptable performance while a salary increase of between 2% and 3 % can be permitted to those who meet expectations. Among all the performance- pay models, merit pay model is the best and it Now Price Assignment Affordable At Order An ensure that teachers are paid according to the performance of the students. I recommend the use of this model. In addition, the teacher can work individually to raise the performance Now Price Assignment Affordable At Order An his/her students and get rewarded for it. Also, the whole school does not have to perform in order for the individual teacher to be compensated. This would ensure that the current teachers who are not eager to see students perform get no rewards. In order to implement this model, the national examination body would release information on improvements that have been made to the body that pays the teachers in Kazakhstan. In order to make payments to the teachers, the table below can be Sites - Customized buywriteworkessay.com Writing Essay