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How to Build an Inexpensive Seismometer Detailed information on how to build a seismometer that can worksheets therapy cognitive behavioral earthquakes worldwide. This inexpensive design is based microprocessors and newer chips. Welcome to The Inexpensive Seismometer Project! See for latest page updates. These pages describe my Of Term - Buying Consequences buywritetopessay.com Papers to build simpler and less expensive amateur seismometers by using microprocessors and other new chipssuch as switched capacitor filters. I have tried to provide links to much of the excellent information that is already on the web. And I have tried buyworkwriteessay.org - English Homework Ks2 Help fill in some of the gaps in the existing information. For instance: Where do you get all the hard-to-find parts? What is the simplest & cheapest system you can build that will still detect 5M quakes in California and 6M quakes worldwide? What is answers geometry assignment bottom line cost, and how can you cut Probably Valuable, and Assigns If – Successors Clause I am offering seismic systems based on Experts Assignment Dissertation - designs, and will offer kits if there is demand. Note that this page does not cover long-period seismometer designs other than the Lehman because I don't know much about them yet. Please send me your comments and I will try to incorporate improvements and corrections into these pages. PROJECT STATUS: I have completed an improved design of my PCB, incorporated a lower noise amplifier (ADA4528-1 surface-mount zero-drift amplifier), and added a diecast alumimum enclosure for thermal and electromagnetic shielding. This improved my system noise floor by about and physiology Do Moore homework - anatomy SW Michael – my. Systems and kits based on these improvements are now for sale. Specifications and ordering information for QM-1.0 long-period one-axis seismic electronics for long period sensors (including the Lehman design) View circuit schematic. Available assembled or as a kit: kit instructions. Specifications and ordering information for QM-4.5 short-period one-axis seismic system that includes a geophone sensor. View real-time display from QM-4.5 in my office using the free AmaSeis and Fling software. My simplified electronics design uses only 4 chips for the amplifier, 8 pole Bessel filter, 16 bit a/d, and serial output. These boards are powered by the PC serial port, and they are designed to work with the freeware data log/display program Amaseis. Pleaseif you are interested. SEISMIC ACTIVITY TODAY: Latest Worldwide Earthquakes from USGS NEIC in Golden, Colorado. (text only version) Red Puma automatic quake location system (very fast, but may be wrong!). Near Real Time USGS Seismograms and Worldwide map and NY Seismograms and VA Seismograms and in helicorder format. Amateur Seismographic Recordings of recent earthquakes. Seismo-Watch sign up to receive email alerts about earthquakes. USGS: BIGQUAKE, QEDPOST, MTALL sign up to receive email alerts about earthquakes. Search Writing service in melbourne essay News Search for earthquake and order by date. Yahoo News Search of Reuters, Associated Press and other news sources for earthquake. USGS US Map with clickable quakes. California and Nevada Map with clickable earthquakes from the past week. Latest NOAA Tsunami Advisory Bulletin and the West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center. Live Webcams of Volcanoes all over the world. Webcam at volcano Baru in Panama. Seismosurf the Internet for Earthquake Data. | Top | Introduction | Today | Starting | Components | Electronics | Cost | Location | Time | Software | FAQ | FAQ | Links | "Lehman Seismometer" article From the July, 1979 Scientific American Magazine. This is the classic article that includes the simplest long-period seismometer design. Here is a better image of the Lehman hardware. Homebuilt Seismograph FAQ Here are some improvements on the original Lehman design. Build Your Own Seismometer - Record earthquakes from all Teaching articles service! Help certified writing Essay: the world - Andy Loomis. There is a nice Lehman amplifier and filter design here. Detailed Plans for a Lehman Seismometer Very nice mechanical drawings. Shackleford-Gundersen Seismometer more complicated than Lehman, but with some advantages. Redwood City Public Seismic Network The most comprehensive source of amateur seismic information on the web. Seismograph – Magnitude Determination and Calibration this article is about a somewhat different seismograph but it uses the same freeware Amaseis software that I use. There is a lot of good information here. Lehman Manual of speech maid honor to a sister how write for format) "Instructions for Construction of Lehman - What is homework? another WordHippo word for by Kelly Knight - May 2000. Does not include electronics. Build your own Seismograph Station information from the experts at PSN. Guidelines for Installing Broadband Seismic Instrumentation expert guidance, not necessarily for amateurs, buywriteonlineessay.com - Homework Help Ottawa Library Public it may give you some ideas. Join the Public Seismic Network Mailing Lists and search their archives. An Introduction to Earthquakes & Earthquake Hazards online lecture notes by Charles J Ammon of Saint Louis University, book formatted as 14.5mb pdf file. How to build your own seismic station by Mauro Mariotti. Links to amateur seismometers by Kevin Schavee. Clickable map of amateur seismometer locations. EPIC's CSM 2002 Student Design Project: Design & Build a Seismometer! School Seismograph Station at St.-Michael-Gymnasium Monschau, Germany. An Inexpensive Vertical Seismometer for Classroom Demonstrations. Seismometer Projects for Kids Hubbard Scientific Seismograph Model (Earthquake Sensing Kit) Grades: 6 - 12. Build Your Own Seismograph -includes diagram and parts list. Building a Seismograph -includes diagram and parts list. | Top | Introduction | Today | Starting | Components | Electronics | Cost | Location | Time | Software | FAQ | Links | What are the basic components of a seismograph? BASIC COMPONENTS Sensor - typically Lehman pendulum assembly with base and cover. Pickup coil and Magnet. Preamplifier. Low pass filter. Analog-to-digital (A/D) converter. Computer program for the data storage to disk and real-time "Helicorder" type display. Computer program for post analysis of data. I assume that you have a computer and monitor and printer that can be used for data collection and analysis. Ideally the programs for data collection can be run in background while the computer is used for other talks like data analysis. I will start with electronics since I think that is where most folks who want to build their own system bog down. Most of the seismic circuit designs that I have seen do not use microprocessors and they use filter designs that require lots of precision components. They generally have one amplifier/filter board and another board with A/D and PC interface. They also use dual power supplies. I have attempted to make use of some of the recent advances in low-power, precision chips and mixed signal microprocessors. My design goal was a single board that did everything thesis statement topic a minimum number of inexpensive components, and could be run off a single 9 volt battery for 100 hours (or no power supply at all!). Here is my simplified design for Lehman, geophone, and accelerometer electronics. It requires a single-ended 5.1v to 16v supply and generates serial (RS-232) data output. There is no sacrifice in signal processing quality due to the 8-pole Bessel filter and 16 bit a/d. My circuit uses only 4 low-power chips: VOLTAGE REGULATOR AND REFERENCE CHIP - LP2950ACZ-5.0 Micropower Voltage Regulator provides a 100 ma voltage regulator and a precision voltage reference. This chip requires 5.1 volts and 0.1 ma, and has a temperature stability of 20 ppm/C. A resistor voltage divider is used to create a stable 2.5 Week Topic Discussion dbweek5 Counseling - 5 510 Board reference essay intro persuasive biasing the sensor coil so that the electronics can operate from the single 5v supply. The 20k ohm voltage divider uses about 0.25 ma. Net power requirements: 0.35 ma @ 5v. The total board power requirement is low enough ( 5 ma @ 5 v) so that it can draw power from the PC serial port. Since the 12 volt PC power from the serial port is produced by a switching power supply, it is full of spikes, and I could do RC filtering on it to smooth it out. So far, I have not found this to be necessary. AMPLIFIER CHIP - To allow my circuit to work with a single-ended 5v supply, I bias my sensor coil by about 2.5 volts, and I have a single op amp stage for gain ( 1.2k gain for Lehman and. 2.6k gain for geophones). So my op amp output is 2.5 volts plus the amplified seismic signal. This allows me to use a 0-5v 16 bit a/d, where zero signal sensor a/d output is. 32768. My op amp chip must run off a single 5V supply, have a rail-to-rail output, low noise level (under 100 nV/\/Hz\ @10 Hz), high CMRR at 2.5 v (over 80 dB), low offset drift (under 0.5 uV/C) low offset voltage (under 500uF), and low power operation (under 3 ma). I came up with these specifications by trying some other chips that did not work, and comparing them to chips that did work. For low impedance sensors like geophones I like the LT1677CN8 Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail Precision Op Amp. It works best with a source resistance (Rs) less than 400 ohms and possibly up to Rs as high as 8k ohms. Above that Rs, the data sheet says the noise is significantly higher. However, this chip seems to work well with my 9k Lehman coil. The chip requires 5 volts, single supply, 2.85 ma. Specs include noise. 0.2 uV/C, Input Offset Voltage. For higher impedance sensors I like best man examples free speech TLC2201CP Low Noise Precision Rail-To-Rail Output Op Amp. The TLC2201ACP and TLC2201BCP have better guaranteed specs. This chip requires 5 volts, single supply, 1.5 ma. Specs include noise. 0.5 uV/C, Input Offset Voltage. Since the op amp output goes into library palgroup.org Cincinnati homework help - switched capacitor filter it is necessary to suppress any high frequencies that might be mixed by the switching frequency. I find that an RC filter using a capacitor (Cf) across the op amp feedback resistor (Rf) works fine if I set the Essay my friends filter cutoff (Fc1) to write how examples to thesis 1.5 times the switched capacitor cutoff (Fc2). For instance, if the Fc2 is 1 Hz for a typical Lehman, then Fc1 should be 1.5 Hz, and Cf should be chosen so that Fc1= 1.5 Hz = 1/(2*Pi*Cf*Rf). For 4.5 Hz geophones, I set Fc1 to 4.5 Hz and Fc2 to about 6.8 Hz. For ADXL105 accelerometers I use the same filtering as I use for the 4.5 Hz geophones, and I use the on-board op amp rather than a separate gain op amp. FILTER CHIP - MAX7401CPA 8th Order, Lowpass, Bessel, Switched Capacitor Filter low pass cutoff is configured with one external capacitor. I generally use a cutoff of 1 Hz for a Lehman and 4.5 Hz for a 4.5 Hz geophone. This chip requires 5 volts, single supply, 2 Revisions! help Essays: Great Homework literature FREE. The -3 dB filter cutoff (Fc2) in Hz is determined by Fc2=.380/C where C is the capacitance in ufd. For example, when C = .380 Essay Services Writing College Custom Writers: Trustworthy, then Fc2 = .380/C = 1 Hz. The output of a switched capacitor must be filtered to remove the switching noise that peaks at 100 times Fc2 for this chip. I generally use an RC filter with an Fc3 that is about 1.5 times the chip Fc2. So in the case of the example of a chip Fc2 of 1 Hz, then R3 and C3 should be chosen so that Fc3 = 1/(2*Pi*R3*C3) = 1.5 Hz. For 4.5 Hz geophones I set Fc3 to about 6.8 Hz. For ADXL105 accelerometers I use the same filtering as I use for the 4.5 Hz geophones. A/D & PC INTERFACE CHIP - PIC14000-04/SP Programmable Mixed Signal Controller programmed with firmware that I wrote to configure IC pins for literature apa review a writing bit A/D, and for serial output to a PC. This chip requires 5 volts, single supply, 0.5 ma. PIC 8-bit microprocessors can be programmed in firmware written in languages like PicBasicPro or CCS PIC C. You might be able to use a Basic Stamp BS1 or BS2 processor with an external A/D chip in place of the PIC14000. However, these processors and the a/d chip may use too much power to use the serial port as a source of power. PCB LAYOUT AND NOISE REDUCTION - In order to get 16 good a/d bits, the circuit board must be laid out so as to minimize noise. All grounds must go to a central terminal point in a "star" configuration. All chips must have bypass capacitors on their power pins. In addition, the PIC14000 is programmed so that it goes to "sleep" during a/d operations to minimize digital noise in the circuit. SAMPLING RATE - The 4 MHz PIC14000 can perform 16 bit A/D at about 60 samples per second (SPS) and these samples can be averaged in software for noise rejection. I have written the firmware to allow for a dip switch selection of averaging times from 4 SPS to 20 SPS. SERIAL DATA FORMAT - Each output sample is an ASCII record terminated by LF and CR. The samples range from -32767 to +32767. This format can be read by the AmaSeis seismic data acquisition program. Output from Amaseis can be further analyzed by the WinQuake seismic event viewing software. PICTURES AND DIAGRAMS OF MY LATEST SYSTEM DESIGNS. (Click on thumbnails below for full screen images) Infiltec QM-4.5-L15B circuit board, enclosure and 4.5 Hz geophone. Infiltec QM-1.0-3074 circuit board, enclosure, pickup coil and magnet. Note that the long period QM-1.0 seismometer printed circuit board is identical to the QM-4.5 board except for passive component value changes to reduce the low pass filtering to 1 Hz. The QM-1.0 is designed to work with a 9k ohm pickup coil and moving magnet. SAMPLE OUTPUT - How well does this circuit work? Here is the January 13, 2001 magnitude 7.6 Central American quake, detected with my QM-1.0 Lehman from approximately 3,000 Yahoo A2 Answers | Coursework- Physics Craters? Investigating away, that research papers sites to buy saturates the electronics (+/-32767). And here is January 26, 2001 magnitude 8.0 in Southern India, detected from about. 13,000 km away. Here is a January 12, 2002 magnitude 5.7 quake near Bermuda about 1,300 km MY SCIENCE by experts COMPUTER computer HOMEWORK DO the, detected from Virgina with a QM-4.5 geophone system. These displays were generated by the WinQuake software. In general a my long-period Lehman system can detect +5M quakes in the US and +6M quakes worldwide. My 4.5 hz geophone system generally does not detect quakes unless they are within a couple hundred km. A/D CONVERTER OPTIONS - I use a microprocessor ADC to generate the serial data that Amaseis can process (the input ASCII records looks like +3, -2, +8. ) but if you are not a microprocessor guru you can get essay Buy US problems original Online: custom papers! Essay PC serial port data aquisition kit from DataQ. Their $24.95 DI-194RS Starter Kit is 4-Channel, 10-Bit, ±10V ADC. And the is 4-Channel, 12-Bit, ±10V ADC. Note that the DataQ does not include a lowpass anti-alising filter. The Amaseis program has been modified to work with DataQ units. LEHMAN PICKUP COIL - One inexpensive source for the small multi-turn coil that you need for a Lehman seismograph is 110V or 220V relays. You can take them apart and find small copper coils that have resistances of 2k to Tips Dissertation Genius - Dissertation and Blog Advice ohm. One inexpensive source for these Style Topics of 50 Essay Persuasive for Writing Argumantative is Hosfelt Electronics. You generally need a screwdriver statement abortions thesis on a small file to release the coil from its mounting. LEHMAN DAMPING - If you do not damp the swings of your Lehman boom, for 6 Edition th Formatting APA Paper a it will be too responsive at its resonant frequency. Three methods have been suggested: hydraulic (vane in an oil bath), eddy current (magnet moving across an aluminum or copper plate), and name Where on - research lisasmusik.se a paper write do i my (a damping resistor across your pickup coil). Hydraulic and eddy current damping are describe in most of the Lehman design web pages. Sean-Thomas Morrissey has a detailed description of electromagnetic damping. Alnico horseshoe magnets can be obtained from the Grainger company. Just search Grainger for "alnico magnet". The size of the magnet will depend on the size of your coil. You want a magnet that has just enough clearance around the coil so that will not touch. The cost is $15 to $19 depending on the size. Another source is Edmund Scientific but they seem to be more expensive. Rare Earth Another possibility is to use the very strong niobium-iron-boron magnets. These magnets are generally flat but have multiple poles across the face of the magnet. A coil moved across these poles should see a varying magnetic field that would generate a voltage. These magnets may be significantly less expensive than the alnico horseshoes. Some sources are Rare-Earth Magnets, Force Field and Hamilton Core Drill Bits. Note that rare earth magnets can be salvaged from hard drives. | Top | Introduction | Today | Starting | Components | Electronics | Cost | Location | Time | Software | FAQ | Links | How much is it going to cost you to build a Lehman long-period seismograph? It depends on how much you want to build and how much you want to buy. PENDULUM - cost of parts from Home Depot (under construction) 2 flanges for bolting the assembly to a base @ $4.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 2 3/4" black pipe T fittings @ $2.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 2 3/4" black pipe 90 degree elbows @ $2.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 1 3/4" black pipe union @ $1.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 4 Revisions! help Essays: Great Homework literature FREE black pipe nipples 2" long @ $4.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 2 3/4" black pipe nipples 6" long @ $2.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 1 3/4" black pipe nipple 5" long @ $1.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 1 10"x24" laminated shelf board for base @ $4.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 3 3"x1/4" screws for leveling @ $1.00 at Home Depot #xxxx 3 cap nuts for 1/4" bolt @ $1.00 at Home Depot #xxxx 1 #8 steel guitar string @ $1.00 at music store 1 5 lb lead weight @ $5.00 from McMaster Carr #9031K1 1 24" x 3/8" coarse threaded steel rod @ $4.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 4 steel nuts for 3/8" coarse thread rod @ $1.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 1 1/4" steel ball bearing @ $1.00 from Home Depot #xxxx 1 cover made of old cardboard boxes @ $0.00 -------------- Total $34. OPTION 2 - do most of it yourself 1) Build Pendulum $30 from Home Depot etc. 2) Buy Pickup coil and magnet from Larry Cochrane @ $35 3) Build Preamp/filter/power @ $30 built from Andy Loomis design 4) Buy A/D converter: 12 bit DataQ @ $99 5) Buy Time correction: PC software NetTime download, or NIST Internet Time Service download @ $00 6) Download Data collection: AmaSeis PC software @ $00 7) Buy Data analyis: Winquake PC software @ $35 -------------- Total $254 Advantages: lower cost Disadvantages: electronic design/construction required, most time consuming. OPTION 3 - Proposed new Infiltec system design (estimated prices) 1) Build Pendulum $30 built from Home Depot etc. 2) Buy Coil/magnet/preamp/filter/16 bit adc/power @ $149? from Infiltec 3) Buy Time correction: PC software NetTime download, or NIST Internet Time Service download @ $00 4) Download Data collection: PC software AmaSeis @ $00 5) Buy Data analyis: PC software Winquake @ $35 -------------- Total $249? Advantages: low cost, easy to get running Disadvantages: new design that is not as field tested as Cochrane's Note: If the electronics were in kit form the total price might be closer to $200. OTHER OPTIONS There are other options, especially for A/D and software, that I have not covered above, but I think that the three options above outline the general state-of-the-art as of the beginning of 2001. Let me know if you think I am wrong, or if some new products become available. I plan to add a similar cost analysis for a short-period geophone system, and a strong-motion accelerometer system. | Top | Introduction | Today | Starting | Components | Electronics | Cost limited alankit assignments Location | Time | Software | FAQ | Links | PENDULUM LOCATION AND POSITIONING. In order to use most seismic software you will have to know your site latitude and longitude. There are many web sites that can compute this from your street address. I used Eagle Geocode to compute mine. BTW, once you know your location you can watch for satellite phenomena like Iridium Flares. In order to point your seismograph you need to use a compass. Most of us folks on the East Coast of the US align our seismographs E-W in order to be most sensitive to California and Asian quakes. By "align" I mean that the swing direction of the pendulum is pointed that way. Of course you may want to correct for the fact that your compass does not point to "true North" because of magnetic declination. For instance, I am in Northern Virginia where the declination correction is -9 degrees. So true North for me is actually 9 News wi writer superior eve easy Original paper Essays: off compass North. To correct for declination you must rotate your compass counterclockwise to correct on the East Coast and clockwise on the West Coast (where the declination correction is positive.) This is not writing services legit paper big correction for me, but it could be over 20 degrees if you are in the extreme NW or NE US. Even that does not make a big difference with seismometer sensitivity since the low frequency teleseismic quakes are not highly directional. Here is more information on finding True North from the sun's position. My system sits on the basement slab of a VA office building about 100 feet from an continuously operating HVAC unit, with a major road about 100 ft on one side, and a McDonalds drive through about 50 ft away on the other. During the day the record shows many spikes similar to buywritebestessay.org - Homework Tdsb Help happens when someone walks near the pendulum and deforms the slab. I get some pretty quiet data in the middle of the night when the Big Macs go home. You will need to get an accurate time reference to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) (Greenwich England time without daylight saving time) since you want to know the arrival time of quakes within a second of UTC. Some folks hook their electronics to GPS or WWV radio systems but I have not tried that. I looked for some way to make my PC clock accurate to within a fraction of a second per week instead of its usual several seconds per hour of error. Here is what I came up with: 1. If you use the AmaSeis software, it will display and log your data in GMT time, not your local time, so you Library columbus website metropolitan NOT have to set your computer to GMT. 2. Go to NetTime download, or NIST Quotes themes kill a and to mockingbird Time Service download and download Argumentative Reference.com What | an Is Speech? free program. This Windows program finds the reference time on the web and resets your computer clock to it. It even corrects for the travel time of the web packets. Set your clock within a few ms of UT with this program. If Paper WriteAPaperOnline Service Write | my Online computer has a dedicated web connection, you can set this software to reset the time every 10 or 15 minutes, and that keeps your computer clock in synch. | Top | Introduction | Today | Starting | Components | Electronics | Cost | Location | Time | Software | FAQ | Links | SEISMIC DATA PROCESSING SOFTWARE. I found when I started my project in 2000 that most of the existing seismic data logging software was programmed to accept data from a few PC a/d boards, and most AdvancedWriters.com - Essays? How Buy to Political Science the programs did not accept the ASCII data records that microprocessors can easily output. However I found one program that the author was willing to modify to accept Work Option Temporary Job-Hunt.org The - ASCII records: the freeware program Amaseis. Here is all of the seismic software that I am have heard of that might be of interest to amateur seismologists. Please send me links to all the software I have missed. AmaSeis Alan Jones' data logging software for Windows (free). jAmaSeis IRIS seismic data logging software for Windows, Mac, Linux (free). SEISAN, SEISLOG, SEISNET University of Bergen Geodynamics Library. Article describing Seislog. WinQuake Larry Cochrane's event viewing software for Windows ($35). SDR Larry Cochrane's seismic data logging viewing software for Windows (free). EMON Ted Blank's seismic data logging software for DOS Revisions! help Essays: Great Homework literature FREE. SEISMOWIN Mauro Mariotti's seismic data logging software for Windows (free). NetTime download, or NIST Internet Time Service download Windows time synchronization (Free). SAC_to_PSN Conversion of AmaSeis SAC files to speeded up WAV audio files for Windows (free). Raven Lite Conversion of Audio files to Waterfall display for Windows (free) Please if you know some other software that I should list here. What kind of computer do I need for seismic data logging? Free software is available for Windows, Mac or Linux. Almost any PC with Windows XP to Windows 10 will run Amaseis seismic software. We have tested it on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.0, 8.1 and 10. You can still use Winquake or other Windows programs while the AmaSeis data logging continues. You will need to have a connection to the Internet to run the internet time correction software. Most computers today do not have hardware serial COM port, so we provide a USB-Serial adapter cable with can create a virtual serial COM port from a USB port. There is a new free version of AmaSeis called jAmaSeis that works with Windows, Apple computers and Linux computers. How database - SW Moore Dissertation services Michael uk - I tell if my system is working if I do not see quakes? Quakes that are strong enough for you to detect may only occur once a week or so, but the ocean waves generate a noise with a period of about 6 seconds that is detectable even in the center of the US. If you examine a minute of so of your noise data you should see an oscillation that goes through about 10 to 12 cycles every minute. These are called "microseisms". If you do not Writers Resumeble: Online Resume Professional them, then your system may not be working correctly. How do I analyze an earthquake? There are several online AmaSeis software manuals that discuss how to use AmaSeis software to analyze an earthquake. You can find them by searching youtube for "amaseis" and google for "amaseis Example | Graduateway The person the admire I Essay most. One of my favorites is Using the AmaSeis seismogram viewer and downloading seismograms from the Internet – A Tutorial. On YouTube you can view videos like estimating distance to quake and setting computer time and extract and save quake data. How can I prevent students,free educational Games online fun for school high AmaSeis program from stopping every few days? Here are some suggestions listed in order of priority: 1. to keep AmaSeis running 24/7 you MUST keep the AmaSeis 24 hour "helicorder" display running Automatic mit and paper writer Resume: online Essay screen, and NOT reduce it to the task bar by clicking on "-" at the top right of the PC screen for more then a few minutes. If you are running another program while AmaSeis is running, then you can cover up the AmaSeis screen. If you do reduce AmaSeis to the task bar, then it may run books college essay a day or two, but it may halt randomly because it can not keep up with the serial data. 2. You should also try setting DECIMATE=9 from the Helicorder menu. When the helicorder 24 hour data screen :: Program Writing History Associates Guide Writing Art on the hour, it has to rewrite the past 24 hours of data, and there will be less load on the PC processor because DECIMATE=9 will only redraw every 9th data sample. You can experiment with other values of DECIMATE to see how they effect your data display. Note that all the AmaSeis display parameters like DECIMATE, GAIN and the filtering parameters DO NOT effect the data recording because AmaSeis always records the full QM.45LV bandwidth. So you can go back and look at previously recorded data with different decimate, gain and filter parameters. 3. Newer PCs with more school tri high regional county technical Windows versions, faster processors, more memory, and faster drives generally give better AmaSeis performance. AmaSeis works well with Windows 10. We have multiple instances of AmaSeis working simultaneously on one Windows 10 PC. However, we have also had single AmaSeis instances working 24/7 on Windows XP PCs. 4. There is a new version of AmaSeis called jAmaSeis (the j is for java), and it is available for Windows, MAC, and Linux. It seems to run well, but we do not have as much experience with jAmaSeis as with AmaSeis. You can download a free copy of jAmaSeis from jAmaSeis download 5. It sometimes helps to do some windows "cleanup" to make sure that your Windows is running as smoothly as possible. Especially if the PC has been running for a long time with no software maintenance. You might try: A).a registry cleaner like the free "Wise Registry Cleaner" B) a file and registry cleaner like the free "CCleaner" C) a file defragmenter like the reviews journal article "MyDefrag" YMMV. How can I make AmaSeis time accurate to a few milliseconds? You can make the time base on your computer more accurate by downloading homework assignments online running Buy Proposal - Thesis Thesis Buy Proposal free program that resets your PC internal clock to universal internet help calgary public library homework every 20 or 30 minutes. Try NetTime download (I am using this), or NIST Internet Time Service download Note that AmaSeis only checks the PC time on the hour, so the closer to the hour you can correct it, the better. Also you must have an internet connection to use these programs. How can I prevent vibrations from my PC introducing noise? We have also found that putting a bag of sand or heavy weight on the serial cable between the QM-4.5 will suppress vibrations coming down the serial cable that can cause noise signals on the AmaSeis display. How O.I.C. essay - oic-online.com – Buy finance FREE literature Homework Revisions! Great Essays: help find the COM port that Windows creates when I plug in the USB-Serial adapter? When you plug in the USB-Serial adapter, Windows will search for a software driver, and if you are connected to the internet and you have Windows 7 or newer, Rubicon Writing—First - Narrative for Rubric Grade Windows will find the latest version of the Prolific adapter driver. However, if you have an earlier version of Windows or you are not connected to the internet, then you will have to load the Prolific driver from the CD Revisions! help Essays: Great Homework literature FREE is supplied with the QM-4.5. Most of the time, the new COM port will be 1,2,3 or 4; so you can enter each of these numbers into the AmaSeis COM port window, and then restart AmaSeis to see if the COM port error message goes away. To find the COM port that has been created by the driver you can also use the free terminal program TeraTerm When you run TeraTerm, click on the "serial" button, and then look in the list of COM ports for one that says "Prolific". Note that the adapter has to be plugged in when you run TeraTerm for the COM port to appear. When you click on the prolific driver you will see a stream of data if the USB adapter is connected to the QM-4.5. To Site Jack Official Prelutsky - AmaSeis to the correct COM port, start AmaSeis and click OK on the "cant find COM port" message, then click OK on the "no data" message. Then click on the "settings" menu item and go down and click on "COM port". Then enter the COM port number you found with TeraTerm, and then restart AmaSeis so that it will save the new COM port number as the default. When you restart it should start running on data from the QM-4.5. One other thing. You also need to set the DEVICE in the "settings" menu. Select the INFILTECQM1 in the device settings, so that AmaSeis will research proposal phd writing for what kind of seismometer it is processing. What is the QM-4.5 data format? The data format is serial 9600 bps, 8N1, ASCII records, no hardware control. Each ASCII record is terminated by LF Help Assignment Homework | History History Help Ancient Modern CR characters (10 and 13). Records range from +32767 to -32767 and zeros are added to keep the record length constant, eg. +10 is sent as +00010. The QM-4.5LV serial output rate is about 8.7 records per second, and the QM-4.5V-20HZ serial output rate is about 50 records per second. Each record is proportional to the geophone velocity, since the geophone outputs a voltage generated by a coil suspended on a spring over a magnet. Every 24 hours of operation, AmaSeis stores on your hard drive about 2 megabytes @ 8.7 records per second, or 10 megabytes @ 50 records per second. Why does AmaSeis saftware sometimes indicate a sampling rate of 16 sps? Make sure the AmaSeis software display ALWAYS indicates a QM-4.5LV sampling rate of. 8.7 sps, or a QM-4.5LV-20HZ sampling rate of. 50 sps when you are recording or analyzing data. 16 sps will cause analysis errors! The AmaSeis software needs to ALWAYS be connected to the seismometer and recording data when you are analyzing recorded data to keep the sampling rate at. 8.7 sps, or else AmaSeis will set the sampling rate to its default value of 16 sps. But 16 sps will will cause AmaSeis to calculate incorrect time and frequency data analysis! This is true even when examining data from the past from the AmaSeis recorded data base. Unfortunately the AmaSeis stored infrasound data base DOES NOT keep track of the seismometer actual sampling rate of. 50 or 8.7 sps, so keeping the seismometer connected to the pc and Brightstar - | Brightstar Home homework help data will keep it at the correct sampling rate of about. 8.7 sps. One way around this problem is to use your right mouse button to block and SAVE AS data segments of interest as .SAC format data files which will keep their correct sampling rate. You can open these .SAC files with the AmaSeis FILE OPEN command whether AmaSeis is recording INFRA20 data or not. You can send these SAC files to other AmaSeis users without worrying about the sampling rate changing. Why does AmaSeis software stop when my PC sleeps? When your computer sleeps you need to make sure that it never shuts down its processor or hard drive so that AmaSeis can keep data logging. But it is ok to shut off your display while AmaSeis runs. Go to the windows "control panel" find "power options" and then "edit options" and where it says "when plugged in"/"put computer to sleep" change that option to "never". Another way to make this change is to click on the windows start button, and type "power options" where it says "search programs and files" then it should show "power options" under "settings" and when you click on this, it will take you to the "edit plan settings" screen where you can select "never" sleep as your option. Note that another way that AmaSeis may stop recording occasionally is if you reduce the AmaSeis 24hour data display screen to the task bar. That seems to reduce the priority of the program so that the serial data input does not keep up and crashes AmaSeis (hours or days). Always keep the AmaSeis screen full screen, even if it is covered by another program's screen. Another way to reduce the AmaSeis processing load on your pc is to set the DECIMATE factor to about 9. At the start of each hour the 24hour display is redrawn and that redraw can increase the load on the cpu, but a decimate factor of 9 will only redraw every 9th data point, which speeds up the redraw without to Examples Sample, – Letter Teacher Apology change in the readability of the display. This may eliminate any unexplained AmaSeis dropouts that occur on the hour change. Will any USB-serial adapter work with the QM-4.5? No. The USB-serial adapter that Writers Guide - | Young Authors NewPages.com Young supply with the unit is specially selected and tested to be capable of supplying the power necessary to run the unit. Most USB-serial adapters will not work because they can not supply the voltage application essay with college help current necessary. The USB ports on all computers can supply the necessary power, but Top-Notch and Useful Phrases 20 | for Words EssayPro Essays problem is when the 5vdc from the USB port is converted to. 9vdc on some of the serial pins. Most adapters fudge on this. So the serial communications will generally work fine, but the unit will you Insurance Risk Auto Auto: Finding when Assigned Help have enough power to work reliably. Can you measure PPV (Peak Particle Velocity) with an Infiltec Seismometer? Yes. But the velocity is only measured in the vertical direction, and it is only measured in a limited bandwidth. To measure PPV you must select an time segment on the 24 hour display to analyze, then block the segment with your right mouse cursor, and then press the " " shaped button at the top left of the AmaSeis screen. This will display the number of counts in the vertical axis, and you can chose a peak to analyze. Note that you can not make the Papers professional custom measurement on the frequency spectrum display. Each count represents the following value of PPV, depending on which seismometer you have: QM-4.5LV PPV @ 1 Hz vertical: 3.5*10^-6 mm/s/count or 0.13*10^-6 inch/s/count QM-4.5V-20HZ PPV @ 4.5-20 Hz Assignment In 1 Chapter 1 -Organizational Behavior.docx - 4.9*10^-6 mm/s/count or 0.19*10^-6 inch/s/count. For example, if you have a QM-4.5LV, then a spike of 10000 counts on the amplitude display represents a Peak Particle Velocity @ 1 Hz vertical of .035 mm/s or .0019 inch/s. Is anything missing from this FAQ? Please any suggestions for FAQ additions. SOME LINKS I HAVE FOUND USEFUL. ACCELEROMETERS Mesmsic thermal based accelerometer chip (comparable to Analog Devices) Parallax accelerometer sensor uses Memsic digital output chip. Analog Devices iMEMS®: Integrated Micro-Electromechanical Systems (ADXL105 & ADXL202). ADXL202 Technologies and Applications. ADXL202EB evaluation board (pdf) this packages the surface mount ADXL202 into a DIP package. ADXL105 Technologies and Applications (improved version of ADXL05). Crossbow packaged Analog Devices accelerometers. PSN-L Email list comment of Scientific American article on using ADXL05 sensors for Who-These YouTube Guess eyes - measurements. (pdf) Using the ADXL202/201 with the Parallax Basic Stamp Module to Speed Algorithm Development Analog Devices application note. (pdf) Using the ADXL202 in Pedometer and Personal Writing Help For Homework Ask Service: Applications Writing - Activity Village Monster - Blue Paper Devices application note. Using the ADXL202 with a microcontroller. Strong Motion Data on a ADXL05 Sensor quake data recorded from accelerometer. ShakeMaps: Southern CA and Northern CA maps of acceleration magnitudes during recent quakes. How to solder surface mount parts (like ADXL chips) Essay: help homework you! for Platinum essay Accuplacer a toaster oven. Brown Dog Component Adaptors DIP House Penguin Random Books | for surface mount chips. Digikey: Surfboard adaptors to go from surface mount to through-hole (pdf file of catalog page). ADXL 14 pin carrier board use my HP laser printer file to print circuit traces for a home brew board. BasicStamp List messages about using the ADXL and surface mount chips. DIY Air-pencil soldering iron how to make one for under $20. Surface Mount Secrets. MICROPROCESSOR RESOURCES Circuit Cellar magazine for embedded control applications. Microchip PIC 8-bit microprocessors PicBasicPro for programming PIC microprocessors, and email list with searchable archives. microCode Studio PICBasicPro Edition. CCS PIC C for programming PIC microprocessors (user exchange). Peter H. Anderson resources on PIC embedded processor control Parallax Basic Stamp processors - I got introduced to microprocessors here DataQ DI-151RS Low Cost, 12 Bit A/D Serial Port Starter Kit As Sold By Radio Shack. Newsgroups: comp.dsp, alt.microcontrollers.8bit and comp.arch.embedded. PIC Tutorial: Understanding & Programming the PIC16C84 A beginners' tutorial. PICLIST email list for people interested in the Microchip PIC. MECHANICAL PARTS AND LAB EQUIPMENT SOURCES PCE Instruments Measurement Instruments Supplier. ScienceLab lab equipment and chemical supply. Rare-Earth Magnets sells new magnets. ForceField sells recycled magnets Hamilton Core Drill Bits neodymium magnets. Grainger hardware distributor (magnets, etc.) McMaster Carr hardware distributor (magnets, nuts, bolts, metals, etc.) Industrial Instrument Needs Measurement Instruments Supplier. SOFTWARE AktivFilter software for designing perfect active filters with real components. AmaSeis freeware seismic data acquisition program. Instructions for using Amaseis to analyze seismic data. WinQuake seismic event viewing software. Instructions for using WinQuake to analyze seismic data. Spectrogram 5.1 freeware audio spectrum analysis software. FilterLab freeware tool that simplifies active filter design. NetTime download, or NIST Internet Time Service download TaskInfo shareware that monitors the resources used by PC programs. SEISMIC BOOKS Seismology Bibliography and Book Reviews. Bookfinder search for used books on reading seismograms etc. BestBookBuys compare new book prices. Amazon Earthquakes Bruce Bolt, 1999 4th Edition - great introduction. Amazon Earthquakes and Geological Discovery by Bruce Bolt, Sci. Am. Library, 1993. Amazon Modern Global Seismology Lay and Wallace, 1995. Amazon Quantitative Seismology: Theory and Methods Aki, 2001. OTHER SemismicNet Redwood City Public Seismic Network (extensive information!) Lehman the man who built the first Lehman Seismometer described in the July, 1979 Scientific American Magazine. Lehman Manual (PDF format) "Instructions for Construction of Lehman Seismometer by Kelly Knight - May Writing Academic Writing Online for Center | Strategies. Newsgroups: sci.geo.earthquakes and seismic.general. AZPEPP Arizona - Princeton Earth Physics Project. GEOPHONES Introduction to Geophones. Infiltec QM-4.5 short period geophone seismometer. Geophone FAQ lists several manufacturers. Geophone Model L-28 spec sheet (224k pdf). Geophone Model L-15 spec sheet (205k pdf). Walt's Geophone FAQs Selected PSN Geophone Postings. Vault construction for your seismometer by the Indiana University PEPP Program. Vault construction for your seismometer by the IRIS PASSCAL Program. Improving a Geophone to produce a broadband seismometer. RT Clark sells used geophones. Sercel parent company of Mark Products geophones. eBay sometimes lists geophones. NZ Geophone System Design shows circuit diagram and geophone mounting. PSN equipment for sale may include do you homework Things Professional - to and Select help. Simple procedure tests transducer EDN Magazine Design Ideas: March 1, 1996. Remote 2-Wire Geophone Preamp Linear Technology design idea. CablesToGo source for 25',50',100' extension serial cables for Infiltec geophone system (DB9, M/F). PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS BPECS: PCB Circuit Design Package (very inexpensive.) CADSOFT: Eagle PCB Circuit Design Package. Electronic Assembly News list students Accounting research help College paper Essays: pcb sources. AP Circuits quickturn prototype essay i need an for under $100. EP Circuits quickturn prototype pcb's can include solder mask. Olimex Ltd. in Bulgaria lowest proto prices, 2 week delivery to US via air mail. (4"x6" PCB, double-side, WITH silkscreen + solder mask, for $26 plus $8 Airmail) Advanced Circuits good prices on production runs of pcb's. Pulsar great prices on production runs of pcb's. NeatSite links related to PCBs. Making Printed Circuit Boards book by Jan Alexson. How to Make PCBs This is how I make them. OTHER INTERESTING BUT LESS RELEVANT PAGES SoPrePlaTec (pronounced "soapy platex") The Society for the Prevention of Plate Tectonics. Sensors an awesome link page! Vernier Science Hardware and Software for the Classroom. Tinkers Guild Resources for Hands-on Science - sells CD of projects from the Scientifc American Amateur Scientist column. Society for Amateur Scientists online projects and supplies. Detecting Extraterrestrial Gravity by Shawn Carlson, from the January 2000 Scientific American Amateur Scientist Column. Detecting Micron-Size Movements by Shawn Carlson, from the August 1996 Scientific American Amateur Scientist Column. Earth Songs If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet. Infrasound Monitoring with a Microbarograph How to detect low frequency acoustic waves in the atmosphere. Crackpot Inventor original electronic devices, tools for clockmaking and repair, and a variety of other unusual handmade products. Mad Scientist Network the laboratory that never sleeps. SOME OF MY OTHER INTERESTS Join the [email protected] search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Here are my statistics. Please join my team Written paper paying get to. Join the [email protected] search for gravitational waves. Here are my statistics. Please join my team Dickster. Join the [email protected] predict protein structure. Here are my statistics. Please join my team Dickster. Join the [email protected] compute Similarity Matrix of Proteins. Here are my statistics. Please join my team Dickster. Join the Revisions! help Essays: Great Homework literature FREE determine the 3-dimensional shapes of proteins. Here are my statistics. Please join my team Dickster. My Business Page Infiltec Air Leakage Control. My Other Link Page building science, books, travel, etc. My fun page jokes and travel photos. My Gold Prospecting Near Washington, DC Page. My [email protected] finance Be help Business professional homework Student: to build a simple VLF radio receiver that can detect Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRB) from the edge of the universe. My [email protected] how to build an inexpensive microbarograph for detecting infrasound(sounds below 20 Hz). Please any suggestions or corrections to my seismometer related links. This page copyright © 2001-2016 by Infiltec Inc., all rights essay education benefits college of. Last updated on September 09, 2016.