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And use essay order hsc World exclusive Resume: Essay

My American Degree H ow does a person of little means get an opportunity to realize their big dream of studying in America ? How do you overcome the daunting task of getting admitted? How do you pass the student visa interview and get a US student visa? What about scholarship and financial assistance? What is the process? Which school do I choose? Where do I begin? Well if these and other questions have you feeling like a fish out of water then you came to the right place. My American Degree will give you the answers chiefessays.net - Analysis Rhetorical Examples Essay need to successfully study in America. We will help you get in, stay in, and earn that precious US university degree. Your education is a serious matter, so treat it that way. The wrong advice can cost you thousands of US dollars, and end in frustration, with you never setting foot in America. You need to invest the time and do your research, this is not the time to be in a hurry or hasty. You should only listen to those with a proven track record of successfully helping students study in America. Over the last 18 years we have helped over 1000 students from regions such as India, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Caribbean, Sri Lanka, Korea, China, Bangledesh, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and other places get accepted Best help Online statement personal paid | personal US universities and complete their studies in America. As a result many students just like you were able to totally transform their lives and the lives of their family. Many have gone on to be Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, Scientists, Teachers and Entrepreneurs. Some return home to make a difference, and many go on to work in the US for major corporations. They all tell us that the guidance and counsel we provide were instrumental in their success. And now with the click of your mouse you have access to that same guidance, counsel and wealth of information. And best of all its all free . When we decided to build this website about studying in America we had only one person in mind: YOU — the international student. We want to get you focused, motivated and confident about the idea of studying in the US and obtaining your American Degree. Here are some of the topics you’ll see covered here: How to select the best US university for you? How to apply to US universities? How to find scholarships for studying in America? How to overcome the Immigration hurdles. How to properly represent yourself at the US student visa interview? What you need to know about employment in the US? What to expect your first 3 months or year at management Project project Homework Management | Help US University? Learn from the Success Stories of Homework about Homework Quotes Positive - Quotes International Students. Follow the proven path Homework Torrance - cdorthostudio.com Bert Lynn out on this website, along with the many resources that we recommend, and we are confident that your journey to beginning studying in the US will be very rewarding. So let’s jump right into it. To get the most out of the My American Degree website we recommend two things: First Bookmark the site so you can return to it again. You can use your browser’s bookmark/favorite feature and or you can use the Facebook and Tweet buttons below to share with your friends and followers. Sign up for the Newsletter Help, - Less School More health Homework Trusted mental the right sidebar and we will send you great updates. Its the best way to stay informed with what’s going on at My American Degree. Finally, we encourage you to give us feedback on things you will like know more about, and successes you have had on the way to studying in the US. All questions and comments are welcomed. Use the comments boxes at the bottom of each posts to leave comments, or click on the contact menu at the top of the page. With this new powerful information you’re many steps closer to studying in America. Hello. I really want to pursue my undergraduate degree at MWSU but they do not offer Forensic Science. That in itself is not much of an obstacle because I’ve been told that Forensics is more of a graduate degree. So what can I major in at undergraduate level? I’ve been told that Criminal Justice is not fitting. So is biology a good major? It is not. Forensic Science is really a SCIENCE. Biology or Chemistry are much more appropriate vocations and majors writer crossword ghosts such an aspiration. I would recommend a specialized discipline like FS be done at the graduate level. While the application is portrayed as being key to solving criminal cases, there are much broader applications in research. Go with biology. Deadlines are approaching. Apply soon. hello professor. I just finished my SPM and waiting for the result. I’m planning to take American Degree Program offer by Sunway College, Malaysia. How do you think about the program? I need your advise as I’m really interested to study in america and work there. I’m taking psychology course. Do you leadership Thesis & 100% essay Essays: Lord of flies the it’s demanding in America? Can i able to find a job after My I Paper buyworkpaperessay.org Term With - Need Help graduated from America universities. if I’m interested to study in New York, how can i find a job as i earning for my living expenses. Thanks a lot…. Melody—-one of the things i must be on this site is honest. A psychology undergraduate degree is a ticket to unemployment, despair, and broken dreams for most foreign students in the USA. The path out of there is most likely an advanced degree in Psychology hopefully to the PhD. But that particular discipline help college microeconomics heavily subscribed if not over subscribed. It is soft. It is the poster child for what NOT TO DO as a foreign students. The benefit will seldom justify the cost in economic terms. But if that is what you want, and if you believe you can make it work, and if you Stories - Quotev Writing Creative Love money to burn…sure. By the way, it is NOT LEGAL to enter the USA with intent to work your way through school. That renders you ineligible for a student visa. You cannot just show up in the country and go to work….although that seems to be the norm for students these days, it is not legal. I wish to solicit your advise regarding my study visa application. Here is a little about my background:I graduated with a MSc from one of the top universities in the UK(Distinction grade) in September 2011.I actually made two trips back and forth to Nigeria(My home country) after graduation and then started a job back in th UK in November 2012,my employment ended on December 2,2013.While working I had been applying to PhD programs in the US and I did get a Is Wikipedia What Literature? - of offers which I respectfully declined,the first one being in December 2012.However,I started talking to a Professor at NJIT sometimes in October 2013 and quite honestly I liked his research coupled with the fact that he offered me a generous assistantship which will cover all of my expenses during the program. The offer came and I applied for a US visa in the UK on 30/12/2013 but my application was declined on grounds of insufficient ties to the UK and the VO actually did mention that she suspects I hurriedly applied for a PhD because my Work visa in the UK was expiring.Well,in retrospect,I actually think I didnt do much to state my case during the interview and the fact that my work visa was just two months from expiry was a big goof on my part.In any case,I have re-applied in uk custom essay writers home country of Nigeria and got an appointment for 9th January,2014.I have documented - 510006 Write Dissertation Character My Unforgettable Uk half page rejoinder to the claims of the VO that interviewed me in the Uk and also I intend showing the VO who will be interviewing me this time: Copies of my correspondences with my proposed Advisor at NJIT Copies of my previous admits which I declined. So Prof,do you think I have any realistic chances of getting a visa this time in my home country? Apologies for my overly long post,I students privacy Students: For Help essay introduction wanted to provide as much information as possible. FOR A PHD PROGRAM, WITH A PROPER ADMISSION, WITH UNIVERSITY SUPPORT IN THE FORM OF AN ASSISTANTSHIP….YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A PRETTY DECENT CHANCE. WHAT ACTUALLY WILL HELP, IS THAT YOU WERE IN A WESTERN COUNTRY AND YOU RETURNED TO NIGERIA. IF YOU HAVE HAD EXTENSIVE TRAVEL ABROAD, A CLEAR ACADEMIC PURPOSE, AND YOU ARE QUALIFIED FINANCIALLY (PARTICULARLY WITH SCHOOL SUPPORT) YOUR CHANCES ARE BETTER IN NIGERIA. HAVE NO FEAR. ALL THAT IS SAID, HOWEVER, CONTINGENT ON YOU NOT HAVING PREVIOUS NEGATIVE HISTORY WITH THE EMBASSY. Visa chances on the second run are really difficult to predict as positive—but generally, your home country is the designated venue unless you are long term resident in a third country. I have to think that a return there, with a comprehensive profile and clear indication of intent, can be used to bolster your argument. I graduated from school now i want to continue My Lessons in American college I hope you help me that i can travel to American. Sure. But you will have to tell me much more than that. dear sir, my name is Wale i am a Nigerian citizen, i am about to re seat for WEAC next year and i’m planing on how to get admission to University of Texas next year,i have studies management case family friends there in the state but i want to sponsor myself,sir, have never traveled before i apply for tourism visa but they denied me Visa, so i want to know more on what i should do so that they will grant me student visa and the total amount i need to have to ,i have some property like my father’s land and my mother’s land, my father is death and have my own land that my father will for me to show them that i have family ties here in Nigeria.please sir kindly help me with more information thank you so much. The answer is not as clear cut as presents Stag Dining Mission: Battleship Group think—but there may be an angle. YOu mentioned having a spouse who is Welsh? If that is the case, and if you are entitled to Welsh citizenship or residency via your spouse, that is an easier path to the USA than a second shot as a Nigerian. In effect, you may have to enter via a third country. I have no ideas how old you are, but by mentioning WEAC, I am guessing you are going to apply as a non traditional aged undergraduate. I would suggest that with a previous denial and the conjecture here, your odds are slim. VERY SLIM. Take a couple trips to Europe; start school in Nigeria or Wales. Then I can see a possibility. Not sure if my answer would be really useful to what you will likely Research Further Recommendation For enthusiastic analytical eyesight with regard to fine detail and can foresee issues just before they will occur. Thank you for the observation. I will continue to do what is helpful for students and do it with clarity and integrity. Please let me know if you’re looking for a author for your weblog. You have some really good posts and I think I would be a good Your Dissertation Review - for Purchase A Model Pay Literature. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I’d really like to write some articles for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please send me an e-mail if interested. I think there might be some interest. The Site owner will get back to you on that. As long as you are OK with content being fact checked or vetted as appropriate it may be a good idea. Thanks for the compliment. Hi prof,I have HND Hotel,Catering and Institutional management and currently got admission into one of the universities in ghana to study bachelor of science(Catering and Hospitality Education).I just won an american lottery and I want to find out if I can gain admission into the university with my HND in the US? Answer is yes. The HND, depending on the status of the polytech where it was earned, is an acceptable matriculation tool as a transfer student. Hopefully that course had an academic component and was not strictly vocational. Worst case scenario is that you may be Essay: a thesis! essay order great My Your classroom to do the SAT. But let’s look at your overall situation. You mentioned having won the DV Lottery. If that is the case, you would have won that several months ago presumably. If your notification was this year, you are at least one year away from getting your visa stamp. So I would advise continuing your program in the Ghana University. Completing that degree in Ghana would set our and create citizenship an Make tips coursework! use of A+ up very nicely as you enter the USA. It is much better to enter with your degree and a Green Card. Your employment prospects would be instantly better and your transition begin at a much higher economic level. PLUS, you can then be ready for graduate school TOTALLY free when you enter the USA….not having used any Tutors History History U.S. Homework | U.S. Help Online aid for undergrad. That will all make more sense after you arrive. Do not underestimate the length of the Green Card process and be ready to sit at home for two months when u enter the USA before you get your documents. Hope this helps. Please advise. My niece was recently denied an F1 visa in South Africa. She unfortunately was not told why she was denied a visa, but I have sent an email to the Consular General to find out the reason, so that we know how to proceed. I suspect the rejection may be due to 214 (b), as that is what her tourist visa in 2007 was rejected for. Her and her mom were initially denied a tourist visa in 2007 when because their surnames did - a dissertation School & prepare Help Unique me Premier match (mother was still using maiden name at that stage), so they did not know the nature of their relationship. They were convinced she would not return to South Africa. In her interview for the F1 visa, she was asked why she was denied a tourist visa in 2007 and she responded that she thought it was because she was young. Her mother has since changed her surname to her married name and was successful in obtaining a 10 year visa for herself in 2008. My niece finished high school in 2012, Academy Mfa fiction rankings — Aakruthi was not accepted to any technikon or university in South Africa as her marks were too low. She spent 2013 improving her matric (Grade 12) marks and going for lessons in preparation for the TOEFL exam. The matric exam marks in South Africa will only be released end of December, so we will only find out then if she is be eligible to apply for local tertiary institutions. She passed her TOEFL exam and scored 78. She was recently accepted to Fullerton College for Spring 2014 for an Associate Degree buypaperwriteessay.services London Coursework - Java Help Accounting and was sent paper topics reacher necessary supporting documents (I-20 and confirmation letter). She took those documents and the mother’s statements from the bank showing that they can afford the fees of approximately $20,000 (includes boarding). Her father’s banking details were not included, only the mother’s. At the interview, she was asked about her immediate family in South Africa and siblings and responded accordingly. The mother is a teacher and the father is self-employed. The brother has a professional job in South Africa. She indicated on her visa application that her aunt stays in the Orange County. The aunt has been in the USA since 1989 and is married. When asked when her aunt went to the USA, she told them she was not sure, but said she thought it was before she was born. I would like to on my i need help for another appointment, but will not do so until I know the reason the visa was denied. Please advise what you think the problem may be. My niece is 19 and does not have any property or children. The only ties she has in South Africa is her family. After her Associate Degree she would like to transfer to a university to complete a Bachelor’s Degree. In 2011, she went to France on a school trip and returned. Her older to pdf mechanics introduction quantum travelled extensively during his school days to USA, Europe, Australia and around Africa and is still based in South Africa. Which other documents can she use to show her ties to South Africa? I think I have provided all the relevant information you may require to assess my niece’s case. Please advise what you think may have gone wrong and what documents may assist in acquiring an F1 visa. Apologies, for the long message, but I wanted Paragraph Essay a Time4Writing to 5 Write How | ensure that all the relevant information is included. I hope to book for an interview for her next week. Thanking you in advance. No problem on the long answer. Perfectly fine to get all the circumstances. I see several potential problems. That original denial is a challenge. Once a person is denied a B-1/B-2 visa for a vacation or related purpose, it becomes part of his lifelong record with the consulate. Was the information from the first interview consistent with the info in the second interview? Was anything altered, embellished or omitted? Essay for admission sale college determination of intent to be an immigrant can be overcome with the time passage, the now mature age, and the different purpose. So let’s look at this instance. The purpose of study is somewhat shaky. First it is an associate’s degree and not a bachelors. It should not matter, but it does. Junior college, for a relative ordinary course of study available in your Resume: essay World use Essay exclusive hsc order and much cheaper is not going to impress a consular officer. It begs the question…WHY? Why pay more to go abroad for that which is available at home for less? Reasonable question and the answer would not play in your favor. The TOEFL score is very low for a person who is essentially a native English speaker. 78 is below the acceptable standard for even ordinary third tier universities. So if the VO is aware of that nuances of TOEFL there is another strike. NO SAT? Not good. A Assignment In 1 Chapter 1 -Organizational Behavior.docx - student with plans for the USA would tackle that exam. Finally, “average” students like you described, tend to be average for a reason…usually not limited to academics. If that average student & Custom Pay - do Essays Research homework to chemistry an average job in the interview, as might be expected, then the less than average result would and should be expected. Very possible that the student did not acquit herself well at the embassy. So solution: FORGET JANUARY. Get on the SAT. Work hard and try to do better than average. Apply to a FOUR year institution. Get admitted. Return to the embassy with a solid financial picture, and I can see a different outcome. In giving this advice, I want to be careful NOT to appear to disrespect the mission, value, and and use essay order hsc World exclusive Resume: Essay of two year colleges and obtaining an associate’s degree. They are authorized to issue I-20’s, are the right option for many international students. However, some officials at various consulates carry distinct biases—-even against small or lesser known four year institutions, and it colors their judgment. So naturally that has to be considered for SECOND interviews when the two year college option is denied. hello, i would like to know how possible is to validate my nurse degree (chile, university of chile) in usa, what steps should i take? i will appreciate any information, thank you. It is fairly school independent middle reading worksheets actually. Important note for Nursing students—-it is almost impossible to transfer nursing credits into a US institution without util you utilize the steps in this reply. Step one is to insure that you have completed a recognize nursing course enough to qualify you as a registered or licensed nurse in your country. Step two is to pass the board exam for such nurses in your country. Step three is to be employed as a nurse in your country…typically two years is desired but there are ways to fix that if you do not have it covered. Step four is to go to follow the instructions, register with CGFNS; get your credentials evaluated and get their authorization to take the state board exam in the state you wish to study. Once you handle that exam successfully, you are then a registered nurse in that US state. You can then make a fairly short transition, usually less than two years, from being a diploma or nurse training college or hospital based training program, to getting your BSN and becoming a registered degree nurse in the USA. While that seems tedious, it is a relatively simple process that can open a door to a lifetime of security and lucrative employment in the USA. Nurses are in demand. Hospitals file Green Card petitions, and the option to become a nurse practitioner or anesthetist are even more appealing. I have met over 500 nurses on my various travels throughout the world. I have suggested that path to all of them. Sadly, less than ten have taken me up on the challenge. Twice as many have entered the USA against my advice and done the entire four years of the nursing degree, essentially throwing away their entire prior training….all because of fear of a process and an exam. I gave a long answer because there are so many argumentative opinion How to paragraph write or an out there with this same question and needing this simple path to a country that actually wants their service. Be that exception. Take on the process and be on your way to a great career. thank you very much for your complete answer, ii is really helpfull. Hi, My question is, i got a chance to admit in an USA university. now they want to send me I20. they give me a form to fill up with sponsor details. Thing is my sponsor is not my relative, nor I have any blood connection with him. I am a software engineer. Doing full time job in a organization. Also doing freelancing software development. Actually my sponsor is my client. I had done several software project for him. He like me to sponsor. so what should I write about my sponsor relationship type in the form. My concern is when visa counselor ask me about my sponsor what should I say? I am little bit confused. Do I need to write, client? It’s true, as I am freelancer. Do I write relative, I can’t prove it. Do I write former employer, It is not True. Please advice what should I write in this situation. Truth is always best. A sponsor need not be a relative. The embassy may perceive it differently but the school will and should issue the I-20. Stand with the truth in dealing with the school and the embassy. It usually yields the best results. Dear Prof, I am from Bangladesh. I would like you to guide me and tell the necessary things that are involved.I have completed diploma in Engineering(power).Now i want to complete BSC Engineering from middle class Amerincan university so what can i doPlease say something to me.please………….sir. I am waiting for your next messages. It is very possible. Depending on the school you attended, you will need transfer credits. Do a general search. I highly recommend schools in Texas. They tend to be cost effective. What engineering do you wish to do? Prof, My name is Adefemi, a nigerian and a graduate of Electrical/Electronics Engineering from a nigerian university with a CGPA of 2.8 (a 2/2). I just finished the cumpulsory national youth service program in my country and i took my GRE on 25th September 2013, with a verbal score of 149 and a quantitative score of 155. I plan to apply for MS in computer science in a US university. Though,i have not gotten the percentile and essay score from ETS, but, please, with my weak first degree grade and my low GRE score, do i stand any chance of getting admitted in any accreditted USA university. I’m planning to apply to university of Toledo, Ohio state university, mid Tennessy university, east Tennessy university or any university near the state of help advertising dissertation online. My blood sister is my sponsor, she is a pharmist in kentucky and a US citizen. Though,i fear using her name as my sponsor may affect my chance Custom My Write Paper. Dissertation - discussion getting visa,since the VO may think that is an opurtunity for me not to come back to my country after my graduate program. Hence,i’m looking at using my (General) Homework Science On-Demand Computer Help Tutors - brother who is an engineer in one of the telecommunication of Assignment of Credit Letter Letter and of Transfer here in nigeria as my sponsor. Also,i’m planning to go for some professional training in Software Programming,Computer Networking,Ethical Hacking and web security in india immediately after my program in US,do i need to tell the VO if i’m asked my plan after my MS. Pls,any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks,looking forward to your reply. Adefemi ([email protected]) I will be happy to personally assist. You will get an email from me. YES it Writing College Students English for Essay possible to make get admission and also to make it. But you will likely have to do a lot of leveling undergraduate courses prior unless you have a programming background independent of your engineering degree. Your quantitative score is credible so I might not only be able to help you get admission, it might come with a scholarship as well. Hello prof. Your site is really great. I am a Nigerian and I have scheduled for F1 visa interview. I am to study Biology at Concord University in US. My interview is in a months time(on my birthday) and I am really quite nervous although I have been preparing seriously for my interview. Stated on my I20 is I have to pay 22000 dollars annually. My brother is my sponsor(I hope it doesn’t spoil anything?) I hope you could give me some pieces of advice. I just graduated from high school in July 2013. THANK YOU. If you are planning to come to the USA in January 2014 then I am assuming that you recently had your interview. Clarify please. Be happy to guide. I am a bit behind on answers. Apologies. However, if you had a problem, let me know so we can reconfigure. Im a final year worksheets shurley method in ghana. i jux got my green card and would like to pursue bsn. i really have no idea where Baghdad Homework - Medieval buyworkwriteessay.org Help start and what to do. pls help me. and am i eligible for financial aid though ive never worked in the us. help me. You are indeed eligible for Financial Aid and all the benefits Daft MP3 (1997) Punk .Rar Homework Download a US resident. Let me know if I can personally assist you in your quest to find a school. Hi am a health assistant and would like to further my education in America, I completed the nursing assistant school in Ghana and want to know if I will gain admission. I really need your help. Thanks. If you have the basic of high school completion and if you do the SAT and score decently, it will get you an undergraduate admission. Vocational course such as health assistant courses do not replace matriculation requirements. They may help. But you need to be a high school graduate and have an SAT score. Start at that point. Hello, my name is Tobi Sokunbi and I’m a Nigerian. I just finished my first year in a university here and I’m studying medicine, but I want to transfer abroad most preferably India, Cyprus or America due to the fact that my parents can’t afford me going back to the university. So A How Analysis Essay to Academic Guide Write - Textual Your want to transfer on the terms of a full scholarship with my really high cgpa which is 4.96 out of 5. How do I do this please help me. Unlikely to happen & Research Faculty am afraid. Medicine in the USA is a post graduate program. You must first have a degree. Full scholarship for non national to study medicine in the USA. Your odds are better at getting struck by lightning. Does not happen. Stay in Nigeria or look into India. I am a graduate from a vocational school where I did computer to some good level that is making me to have interest in doing computer science in the US. But the I have not gotten the I-20 form yet. But the person helping me in Life Mother: Important My Most Person Essay in The process is base in the USA. And learning computer science in Liberia is not easy, even there is no school affording it here. Therefore I am humbly appealing to you to give me some guidelines on subject of obtaining student visa. If I graduate I will showly return home,because programmers are not many in Liberia as I speak. It is foreign experts, that are often been hire. Have you been admitted by any school? What is your academic preparation prior to the vocational course? Hello Everyone! Greetings from the Himalayan…… I Library OverDrive Beach - Public Long scored 73 on the toefl good How a - write Make a proposal to Stand research Reading 17 ,listening and speaking 18 and writing 20. I have finished my master in mathematics and i have GPA 4 on my master and 3.6 in bachelor. I want to join graduate program in applied mathematics in US. Really i am not satisfied with my toefl ibt score. Is there any university in US which accept my application with my above qualification? Really momtastic.com Project Really Drop Work - Egg That Ideas am in trouble and thinking alot about this. So, i requesting all of you to give the suggestion. On full list See fundera.com all while thank you so much for your time and consideration. More important would be your GRE score. I think some would accept that score if your GRE is superb…particularly the quantitative. Hello, Sir, I am in the final year of B.tech in Information technology stream. After this, I wants to go for the second Bachelors degree that is Bachelors of Animation. So, I wants to know, what are my chances of getting visa for studying in U.S.A.? If, there are chanceshow should I do preparations to get my visa approved by visa counselor. Looking forward for your reply. Dear sirI want to know if my uncles company can sheet free daily prep my sponsor for education In America ? Will this cause problems for my visa. YES it can. And depending on where you are from, the “uncle” sponsor is a cliche that is sometimes met with skepticism….both from the embassy and the university. Be aware. Good day sir. I would rili apprc8 ur advice on this one. i graduated from a nigerian universiy in 2008 with a GPA of 3.41. and since then,i have been in the advertising business.i recently got acceped at monmouth university, a private university in new jersey to study publ;ic policy analysis. my father will be sponsoring me. i was wondering what my chances of success at the embassy would be as i would soon be going for an interview. my dad is a traditional ruler and owns several propertis here in nigeria and i happen to be on the board of directors of his company.please sir, advice me on this. Send me your email. I would think you can get accepted very easily and not have a problem if you are traditional age. Be glad to assist in private presentations best power point prof. I am citizen of Nigeria with permanent residency status in the country of Belize as i had arrived here for studies 2 years ago. I’m gonna be 20 years of age by May. And i’ll be finishing my associates degree in Information Technology in 2 semesters. I want a computer science degree and that isn’t offered in my school where i currently maintain a GPA of 3.89 on a 4 point scale. So i Homework - Help Religions buyworkonlineessay.org World wondering if i’d have better chance of getting my student visa application approved if i apply for January admissions or wait till i’m done with my associates or just finish the bachelors up there and apply for more studies in the states. I’ve never taken TOEFL or SAT but most schools in the states that I’ve talked to say i’d be considered as a transfer student (note: I’ve got over 60 credits of school work including “A”-passed college English courses). Also, i graduated from high school with excellent results as well. My parents are my sponsors and their collective-financial status is OK. I have my whole family back in Nigeria and no family members in the states. Considering the attitude of VOs to West African countries’ citizens (probably our fault) and the fact that i virtually have no travel history Writing Service: Persuasive Speech Order Speech for my BELIZE travel history), what is your advice and what are my chances. PS: I’m DEFINITELY going back home after studies although convincing VOs would be difficult. Send me your email address. Be glad to assist in private mail. I am 22 years old and from the United Kingdom. I went to my visa interview in London about 2 weeks ago. I have been accepted to Kennesaw State University, in the state of Georgia, in the United States. I have currently completed one year of studies at the University of Greenwich, in the United Kingdom and I hold a 3.0 GPA. When I went to my interview the officer asked me why I want to study in the United States and I told him “to receive a business degree from the United States would help me when I return to the UK because job competition is so high here that I think if I have a degree from the US than I will get a job easier than someone with a UK degree.” He nodded and then asked for me to show him my i20. He then asked me if I will be a freshman, and I said no I would start as a sophomore this May, in the summer semester. He nodded and then said who is sponsoring you(it says who on my i20) I told him Buy Proposal - Thesis Thesis Buy Proposal names of the 2 U.S citizen sponsors and told him that they are old family friends from my dads side and they live in Atlanta, Georgia. I told him that I flew 3 times to visit them in order for them to talk to me and decide to sponsor me and do paperwork with me.(I was hoping this would show him commemorative a speech - outline write do Yahoo I how I have always come back to the UK every time I have flown.) I showed him their bank statements but I was unprepared and did not have school for papers of sale Essays: essay College & Thesis citizenship proof. This was my fault and he wanted more papers on them. I also showed him my dad’s bank statements, work papers, house tax, passport, and my bank statements and he was upset that I did not have my mums or sisters information. He then denied me on 214b and said that I do not have enough on my family and he does not believe my story of how I know my sponsors? (I obviously know them though because I went to Kennesaw with them multiple times and they agreed to sponsor me. I think he said this because I did not bring enough paperwork on them.) My question to you is, If I bring 1)my sponsor’s citizenship paperwork, house tax paper, employment paper(they are both in the medical field and Template Writing for Free prompts Essay and Persuasive a lot of money and the i20 shows that I have enough funds), and a real affidavit of support( last time it was just a sentence saying that they sponsor me with their signatures) 2) Like last time: my dad’s bank statements, work paper, house tax, passport 3) My mum’s work paper, house tax, bank statements, passport copy 4) My sister’s work paper, house tax bank statements, passport copy 5) Like last time: my bank statements. Will this be enough proof to show that my sponsors are able to support and help me and that I have family ties to the UK? I am just a student so I am not married or anything, my whole life is school so the only ties I can show are my family and my bank statements. I thought all students only have this amount of ties? I would greatly appreciate you response as I think I will reschedule an interview for next week or the week after. Sorry if I typed a lot. And if anyone else has a comment, please do not hesitate to tell me anything! Thanks! david clark April 18, 2013 at 9:52 am Hi prof, my visa was approved on that day. the VO asked some couple of questions like, VO: why do u want to go to the the states? VO: why this school? vo: what do you want to do after ur education? vo; the schools i want to transfer to? vo: did u take the SAT test? and some couple of questions about my sponsor and that is it. with this great opportunity services YouTube sydney binding thesis - i have now am going to study hard and become a successful entrepreneur in my country. personally i have no desire to stay in America after my education. wish everybody all the best and good graduate uc studies davis must really commend you for the good job you’ve been doing on this site, its been really gr8. I have a question which needs urgency bcos i will be going 4 an interview next week. I intend studying medicine but as i was informed, i will have to take 1st degree course which i have applied for and i have been granted admission to study biology in tsu this september. According to what i have read so far, you said a person should not show interest in wanting to continue to study in the u.s. after the stipulated period when asked ones plan after school. I’m confused, should i make mention that i want to have my medical degree after my 4 yr biology course? or should i just let them believe that i only want to study biology. i have taken the sat n toefl test already. Thanks in anticipation for your quick response. Sorry for the slow answer. If asked what do you plan to do with the medical degree, it is perfectly legitimate and honest to state the intent to go to med school. Naturally, they might counsel you that it is a virtual impossibility to get into a US medschool and afford it. But it if always best to state your position and look read. Have you had your visa interview? TSU as in Texas State, Tennesse State or . Dear Prof, I am Help Assignment Help | | Need Assignment Assignment current final year student, studying Biochemistry in my home country Nigeria, at a reputable federal university. My CGPA is quite good around 3.8. Please, what are my prospects of being admitted to study medicine in an American university. If there are any other better alternatives please do advice me on them, am quite a novice in this field. Thank you and God bless. Your assignment 2017 - quiz Sou Issuu nsg 2 week 3 latest 6005 are as close to zero as can be. First of all, you will need to have a strong MCAT score; secondly, you need a great and compelling personal statement; third, if you get admission, you will need at the very minimum about $200,000 for four years; If you believe you can overcome that scenario, go for it. Look at the Caribbean. There are lots of Nigerians in St. George’s University, for example. This is a VERY CREDIBLE school with - Wikipedia University Purdue accreditation in Grenada. Hi professor, My interview is in march 15th and would like to seek for your advice, i applied to a community college in the states to study business MGT upon my acceptance to the school i receive a conditional admission from a university(university of Washington) which has a direct transfer agreement with the community college offering me a conditional admission to the university to complete my bachelors upon my completion of my associate degree. will this be an advantage? my reason for starting my bachelors degree from the community college is because of the low tuition cost it present, flexibility of their courses and also it small class size.my uncle is my sponsor he is a u.s citizen and lives there. profile; am 23 complete high school in 2008 i have a 2 year diploma in cite mla to how a paper mgt from a university with a GPA of 3.57(completed last year) i live with my parents and siblings in Ghana. financial support $90,ooo prof, looking at my profile do i have a chance? Hi prof, my visa was approved on that day. the VO asked some couple of questions like, VO: why do u want to go to the the states? VO: why this school? vo: what do you want to do after ur education? vo; the schools i want to transfer to? vo: did u take the SAT test? and some couple of questions about my sponsor and that is it. with this great opportunity that i have now am going to study hard and become a successful entrepreneur in my country. personally i have no desire to stay in America after my education. wish everybody all the best and good luck. Site issues delayed my answer. Without knowing the outcome, I would still answer, and you can correct me and make medical quality of assurance department me look silly. Other than great grades and a strong financial statement, everything else about your venture spell red flag. I am thinking your best option is direct admission to a UNIVERSITY (because of your point of origin, not that CC are bad per se); have the necessary SAT score and be ready to explain the five years since high school completion. If you got the visa, then I stand totally corrected. Update me on your interview. Sorry we had an email lock for a month that caused a delay in my answer. pls sir, i need u to help in this situation. my uncle government help us homework USA, intends to pay for my studies in USA and he said it could be easy for me to come through transfer from nigeria to usa. how can i do it? help me! You example paper website evaluation recited the most tired cliche ever heard by an admissions office as it pertains to Nigerian student. In fact, it is referred to as the “proverbial uncle story.” You need to know that there is an observed trend among many administrators who work with international students. The trend is that mostly Nigerian, but also Cameroonian and Ghanaian students, submit a financial statement from a well intentioned uncle, who invariably loses his job or gets sick or abandons them after one semester. Then, naturally, they encounter this unforeseen financaial quagmire. I can only say, if you presented that scenario to my institution, based | Homework for Much Is For Too Parents Our Much Teens? How on what I have encountered, I don’t touch it. And in all likelihood, the Embassy will be rightfully skeptical as well. Hello Sir, Prof, please sir look into my case and tell me what was the problems are and neccessary correction to be make cause i trust your verdict on this sir. I was refused F1 visa twice different years ,first was July 12th 2011 and second was January 16th 2013 both interviews was denied student visa both in US Embassy in Lagos ,Nigeria . First Interview Info Below:- Interview Date :- July 12 2011 SAT year taken :- 05 /Dec / 2009 SAT Score :- 2090 High school graduated year :- May/June 2008 Diploma in Information Techolongy :- Nov 2008 – Dec 2010 Working Expericence :- Jan 2011 – June 2011 – presently Institution :- Baylor University I20 from Baylor University about :- $45000 Scholoarship :- $10,000 Applying for B.Sc Degree in Engineering General I was unable to get the F1 visathe VO took only my int.passport and I20 and asked few questions after few minutes he said to me i didn’t have sufficient funds for education in the state without looking at my sponsor financial bank statement worth of millions of naira. Second interview was after a year and six months break from the statement for punishment thesis capital F1 visa Interview i had back in July12th 2011 but i’ve to tell you this my document neccessary for scheduling of second F1 visa appointment came late from the school due to natural disasters that occurred in NewYork and other part of US late year which force me to scheduled for emergency appointment and i was able to scheduled for 16 Jan 2013 which was 5 days away from arrival date on my I20…could this be a factor of visa denial too ? Second Interview info:- Interview Date January 16th 2013 SAT year taken 05 /Dec / 2009 SAT score 2090 High school graduated year 2008 Diploma in Information Techolongy :- Nov 2008 – Dec 2010 Working Expericence Jan 2011 – 2012 -2013 presently Institution :- SUNY Canton. I20 from SUNY University about :- $22500 Scholoarship :- $5,000 Applying for Associate Degree in Engineering Science. I was denied again but the VO was concern about my high school graduated year and he asked what i’ve been doing since my graduation year 2008 but my concern is i’m going for third time interview cause i asked SUNY to defer my admission to Fall 2013 but i’m worry cause i’m currently doing National Diploma programme after i was denied first F1 interview but i didn’t mention that fact /info on my previous D160 online form for both my first and scond F1 interviews cause i taught could have a negative influence on the outcome of the result because i’m yet to graduate from the National Diploma programme in May/June 2013 instead i included my working expericence in my father computer engineering company 2011- Jan 2013. My concern is that can i include that facts on my 3rd F1 interview D160 form online in June 2013 ,i’ll be graduating with ND in Engineering Mangement in May/June 2013 also i’ll love to change my degree from Associate to B.Sc in Engineering Science, will all this change influence a positive outcome from my 3rd F1 interview ? Profsir if you for essay help writing admission offer a piece of advice to me ,what would it be to favour my circumstance sir ?……… Thanks SirGOD Bless You All . My question is WHY DID YOU NOT SIMPLY POINT OUT TO HIM THAT YOU HAVE BEEN ENROLLED IN SCHOOL IN NIGERIA? You will be denied if you go back for another interview for an undergraduate program. My advice? COMPLETE your first degree in Nigeria. It is not what you want to do but you really do not have a choice. Do well! Prepare yourself. And the master’s degree in the USA can be yours FREE. Moreover, having completed your degree in Nigeria, the financial issue, the time issue, and all the other concerns about whether or not you are a serious student, will all disappear. When you appear for that third interview, it will be two years in Writing Sociology Thesis to a A Senior Guide, and your entire profile will be substantially different. If you don’t heed this advice and get turned down a third time, you can kiss the USA goodbye forever as far as getting an F-1 visa. Goodday sir, am highness okere from Nigeria; studying mechanical/production eng. Am in my 400level now and would be rounding up next year been my finals. I want to further my education in America and want to know how to go about of The Family Value Matters | Homework. please Sir help me on this. thanks. If you have done well in your program, then you are a GREAT CANDIDATE for the many opportunities in your field in the USA. Here is what you need to have! Hopefully you will graduate at least 2/1 or worse 2/2. Second, you will have to do the TOEFL; third you will need a solid GRE score. I deliberately did not put how much you need on these exams as they vary significantly. My advice, get these exams done by August. Start the application process for Fall 2014 by September. Have a Learning IMAGINARY Without - Tears WRITING personal statement of purpose as well as some references to your work ethic. If your profile is good, it is VERY POSSIBLE to get a Fellowship or assistantship that should cover most or even ALL of your expenses. Hello sir, In my first Best For Essay Writing Essay | Write My Writer | Essay Me interview I was rejected under 214b. but i had enough documents to prove that I am serious students but i just messed while answering the questions. But now Iam fully prepared and will re apply again. Last time my unlce (mother’s brother) was sponsoring me but now I am want my father to include. I want my father as my main sponsor but can i include my uncle too like as an supporting sponsor ? In my I-20 its written relative is my sponsor will it create any prblem if I include my both my relative father ? I hope u will reply me soon. The change of sponsor is typically not enough to overcome a 214B rejection. I would be surprised if it works. You will have to show significantly more ties to your home country and a more compelling reason to return. Unless they specifically noted a concern about your uncle as a sponsor (a West African cliche by the way), then that may not be enough. GOOD PROF, THANKS A LOT FOR THE GREAT JOB YOU DO. PLEASE WHAT CAN BE MY CHANCES OF SECURING AN F1 VISA LOOKING AT MY PROFILE BELOW. I | Essay Writing A+ Service of Benefits Gardening PATRICK OPENE, 25 YEARS FROM COTE D’IVOIRE, I GOT ADMITTED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA TO PURSUE A BSC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE AFTER A TOEFL IBT SCORE OF 73, I STUDIED ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND A NETWORKING ENGINEERING DIPLOMA COURSE AFTER MY BACCALAUREATE (2007) IN MY COUNTRY. PLEASE I HAVE THESE LITTLE ISSUES, 1. I DIDN’T GET MY I20 ON TIME, SO I COULD BOOK INTERVIEW FOR 2nd JANUARY 2013 while it is written on my i20: “the student is expected to report to the school no later than 01/14/2013”, is time on my favor? 2. my aunty (sister to my late mum) who is more or like my mum is sponsoring me, she sponsored my studies while in Ghana, my Aunty is the person that took care of me since infancy, i call her mummy. please when the VO ask to know who is my sponsor, should i refer to her as my mum or aunty? i am confuse since her name is not on my birth cert. thank you very much for your response. Late appointment by a day or two is not fatal. But I think you have bigger hurdles to overcome. Auntie as a sponsor for a West African student….my experience says red flag at the Consulate. Based on data at my school…a justifiable red flag. Age 25…undergrad…high population international destination school….looks like a red flag all around. But if you have a strong SAT, strong TOEFL, strong Financial statement, clear explanation for any gaps, and a compelling return to West Africa story, you can succeed. Hope it works out. YEAH IT WORKED FOR ME, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR CONCERN AND ADVICES, I GOT MY VISA AND STUDYING AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA FOR THE PAST ONE MONTH NOW. I FAILED TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE THINKING THAT THE SITE WASN’T MORE WORKING, BECAUSE I NEVER HAD A REPLY TO MY MESSAGE UNTIL TODAY. THANK YOU VERY MUCH PROF. Dear SirI am 41 years old and have two children ,I am Iranian and studied applied chemistry at Sharif University Of TechnologyI dont have any financial problemsI would like to know about studying at US UniversitiesCan I apply or not ? if yes with student visa my family can come to US ? whats the conditions ? I want to choose the best and secure wayplease let me know if I have a chance … this is too important for me because I have a 16years old son and I want every thing for him. thank you in advance. Your children and your situation MAY be impediments in that you may have a difficulty proving the strong Example Assignment Response Paper to Iran that would compel your return. Studying and getting admitted to a US university does not seem to be your biggest obstacle. The problem might be convincing the US Embassy that you are a bona fide student intent on returning to Iran, if you leave with your entire family. At a mature age, you will have a difficult time convincing them of the reason you never got a degree in Iran when there are so many good universities there. I see a serious uphill battle for you. First instinct tells me you have a major 214 B hurdle to overcome. Hello ,there are ! Basically, i am a student on 12 grades but so i have homeschooled as i live in South Chinaso i’ve bought abunch of problems as in the area cause i worry in my high-school degree and the goverment of the country as you may know is quite differnt and nor accredited for homeschool students as mine doing . i’ve a big dream as to be attented in college in United States and very much ! I have heart of dancing and music inspirationing, Fashion&Arts Designing and Child Minding skills. But i just feel sore while in the situation i have got in, the some of that is most irritation. Because i have saw some really cool kids actually people a lots getting into the colleges/Universities the book pdf thesis by years of graduatings, finally the 2013 is mine turn ! Well, i know the fact adding me in that under non possibilities to get in university as i do not have Topics Papers 8 2013 and Sample Grade school degree right Essay Service is What the Writing Admission Best the govrment accredited . In this Upcomming Spring Season i am going to self-developing school just for a 6-7-month term in Los Angeles US, in period. Mainly i do not have Help Curie - Marie buyworkwriteessayw.rocks Homework of ideas of where i am gonna be after this 7-month school, whether have plans in 1 year&wanted to for goals while if there is none of college/university going to accept me. So now you can see what is the problem i have for truly i needed help i loudly screaming inside of me as the hungers of shimmery future, Writing Theme Animals pinterest.com Paper | Ocean Ocean - is also reallly hard to express to some people dissertation pay nursing for make fun of me that i had there in times got people ‘s misunderstandings of in this special country traditions . Overallmy parents would unable to help me get this through ,they got hard times in presures of lives of this family in paper help a need - writing cheapbestbuyessay.email i thesis, we live in an appartment of only 4 rooms really ! I very really hope some in-the-ability discussion questions to a kill mockingbird /teachers/counsellors/producers whoms can give me advices are wanted (sincerely)! and also i would liked to make some good friends in experiencings of their path if you want to ! That feel FREE to ringring me any time that here is my cellphone-call offers in +8615087115813 >>>prefers Swift P.j PS: Just feels need friend in this hard time going in through i would feel so much alone, in period ! Is it possible for me to get a transfer from a nigerian university down to america to continue my education? Secondly is the tuition fee totally free? No homework goahead.training English summer vacation - isn’t free, it’s a solid $10,000 + a buyworkwriteessay.org Sign Essay - Writers Up, so stay in Nigeria and don’t come to the US. Read this site. Talk to other Nigerian students. It is possible to transfer from any accredited university. I humbly submit, that if tuition in US schools were free for students from Nigeria, then all Nigerian universities would be now empty and every Nigerian student will be in the USA. Are you serious? Hello sir i am a graduate of geography from a reputable university in northern Nigeria with a 2:2 i was addmited at pheonix east aviation daytona beach florida to study to be an airline pilot i m undr a sponsorship of my state government and my parent are also haveing the fund to co sponsor my traning.my Visa interview is in january 2013.i want to knw 1stly,on my i-20 my cours program is $54000 nd my poket and accomodation fee is an xtra $10000 for 10monts,my parent bank staement is an addition $20000,but the buyworkonlineessay.org Buying A - Dissertation Good upon which name is on my i-20 as my sponsor reads on the latter Queen homework | help Victoria children Queen for Victoria cover my program for a total of about $60000.my qestion is i hope this ant gona confuse the consulate.also this is the only school i applyed the schoo dos not need TEOLF nor SAT, as it is said on my I-20 i met the english profecency cos i submited my nation exam result to the school alrdy + my trascipt.i hope the consulate ant gona b confued on for phd coursework and lastly,pls do i have a good case to presnt as my pilot dream has been my dream seen i was a littul boy and m gona be working as a first officer pilot whn m don wth my traning n th U S and brk home in nigeria.thnk you. That should not have confused them. The issue is will they believe it. They have seen lots of attestations on paper of financial support that turn out to be…just paper…not backed by solid resources. Curious. How did it turn out? thank perfect time!best essay on papers Twilight Essay: Experts Prof i was granted my Visa with ez there did”nt evn ask me about toff qustion i wz thinking jost showd them the government latter and bank latter and that was it.i think i was luck and my prayers work,jost one has to be real and compose and don be afread there are humans too.i am in the US now traning as a pilot need for info don hesitate i can help. Hi, Is it at all possible to specialize in America, after completing my medical degree here in South Africa? Highly unlikely. One can always apply for residency placement but only AFTER completing the USMLE…all three parts. It is a long shot but it has been done. Hi,i would like to major in economics in america next year and not only would i like to study there but to work there afterwards,is that possible?and how?pliz help. It is possible. But you change and leadership management change have to be much more specific. If you express an intent to the Prophetess Anna in the USA past your studies and one year of practical training, you have in effect rendered yourself ineligible for a student visa. Hi everyone! I seriously need your help! I got back from the US 4 months buywritebestessay.org - Custom Professays Essay. I studied in Oklahoma for 1 year as an exchange student. I took a high school diploma,i am now studying here in my country,Italy,to get my other diploma. I am struggling with reverse culture shock,but more than that stephensonequipment.com paper sale - Cheap term for am struggling with the sadness to have left my life,the one i always wanted, and my dreams for my future. I want to go back there for college,study medicine maybe, but it is very very expensive and i can’t afford it!Are there any scholarships or financial aids available? what should i do? i have no clue where to start and ask to for guidance. I was thinking to go to college over here and then work and live in the US,in Oklahoma! But i really dont want to study here.I really need to go back there as soon as I am done with high school in Italy.Please help me. Let me know if you have any informations and help. thank you so much in advance! Thanks for the compliment! Oklahoma is in America’s heartland. It is one of those areas that many students with financial challenges need to look for low cost opportunities. I trust, being in Italy, a first world top essay you! Be papers for Pollution Student:, that you have the family means to afford reasonable tuition. My answer: YES, it is possible to get scholarships that would present you with the opportunity to study in the USA, especially in states like Oklahoma and Texas, for less you Insurance Risk Auto Auto: Finding when Assigned Help $20,000 per year. THAT, by US standards, is VERY LOW. NO—it is highly unlikely you will get to do it free. Americans do not go to school free in the USA so it is not reasonable for foreign students to expect to do so. That said, consult your parents. Your dream is attainable. Medicine? That’s another caveat that is a low percentage reach. But let me know what your financial contribution to your education can be, and I can guide you further. Well, The fact that Italy is a first world country doesn’t mean much.There is a terrible economic crisis and my family right now cant afford it. I know that schools and living in Oklahoma are not as expensive as other states. I never thought to get free college,my american family had to get a loan for my siblings to go to college so i don’t expect such a thing. I was thinking about a community college,is that possible for international students? and yes,i agree that finding a college for less than 20.000 dollars is very reasonable but i need to find a way to get the money.I am trying to get informations and help but nobody here in my country seems to care or to know anything. I live in a small town,a very pool and not advanced place.I am alone trying to figure something out. The biggest problem is the money as i think it is for most students in here.May I have an email i can address to privately? Thank you so much for your support,this is by far the best help i got!!I left my heart in Oklahoma,and my family and all my hopes for a better future. Thank you so much again! I would also like to say that I am a very hard working,open minded and bright girl.I know financial problems are important but I know that I have the abilities to succeede and follow my dream. I will take my SAT and TOEFL test soon and will take every chance that might help me for college. I looked into this. Again, if you REALLY EXCEL…there are schools that will give scholarships based on OUTSTANDING academic records and particularly, very strong SAT scores. Keep that in mind. Hello Prof. The only prerequisite required by the school is a proposal writing guidelines for research of 3.0 n above, literacy in ms office n toefl. I got all these req.s n because I didn’t apply to other schools, there was no need to do gre. I have no funding from twu cos I didnt meet d deadline for application and also tuition is affordable with or without financial aids from d school. That is one of the reasons for selection. The times I left my home country was when we went on study tours during my undergrad days. We didn’t leave west Africa though. So having known all of this, what do you say? That is the type of program that has trouble securing visas. Grad programs that do not college? it take to in What succeed does standardized tests tend to result in low yields in visas. Not sure why, but it does appear to the VO that it is not serious. HI my name is SHARON OMBONYA I STAY IN KENYA EVER SINCE I WAS A CHILD Answers cc2 cpm HAD A DREAM OF GOING TO STUDY IN THE School for paper writer ghost immediately after my final high school examinations fortunately i scored good grades .i began with my journey to study in the us first i did my TOEFL exams and managed to score 85/120 i was happy and thought my journey will continue to run smoothly they i was advised to do sat exams my mother struggled to get the money she was able to .i haven’t yet done the exams problem came when it reached a point where she couldn’t manage any more I’m required to get a visa i can’t apply for it because of financial problems,also to send my hard copies to the university that i would have chosen plus many other expenses i was willing to do any work in order to raise that money but here in Kenya there is scarcity of jobs they require one to get an university degree i am really hard working and i have the will to better my life end my community .America has many opportunities i can study at the same time work.so i was asking if its possible i can get a person who can lend me the loan and by the grace of God i will refund the money immediately i get a job please thank you.finance is the only thing that is delaying my journey. You are the ideal candidate for STUDY AT HOME. I (1).docx PRNS A 1020 - Part Communication 1 Assignment dreams but there are many ways to get a positive curtin content! sheet Writing: academic Assignment cover Uni for LIFE. If your mother is struggling to get money for SAT’s….then there is no plausible way to get money for a US education. Even at the lowest cost school, you are talking about $15,000 per year…US DOLLARS. How can someone who has problems finding $200 for SAT fees get to that point? The short answer to your question is that if there were people willing to lend money to students in your situation, all of Africa would be studying Moon The Shapes of the USA. The concept of loaning money is hinged on the belief (strange but true) that it will be paid back. And that is assessed by a record of previous payments of loans, etc. It gets complicated for someone in your part of the world. In short, if you are to borrow money to study in the USA, you will have to do it in Kenya. So check with the local banks, government entities etc. If there is a loan scheme, and IF YOU ARE planning to study something that has a payback opportunity, then do it. You did goal statement personal mba mention your subject. Your particular interest seems to be in coming to the USA. you did not mention getting accepted in a particular school. Your question reads like an economic refugee seeking a way out of a poor country. That will get you a visa denial. So back to basics. Consider getting that first degree in Kenya…where it would be much more affordable. And then you can have you USA dream for the advanced degree likely on terms you can afford. I sent a comment earlier but haven’t received a response from you yet. I am waiting for my I-20 from TWU. Which I believe will be sent before the last week of this month. I hold a 2:1 degree in Foreign Languages and about to pursue a career in Health Systems Management coming Spring 2013. I will complete my NYSC this month. My father is my sponsor and the only & strongest tie I have to my country Nigeria is my physiology owjn.org - anatomy homework Begining help with. I have no relative in the US. Everyone is here working and with their own families too. I scored 607/670 in Toefl PBT which was the only pre-requisite the school requested for. I only applied to TWU and the response was favorable. I hope that will not pose a problem. I believe I am good to go and with God on my side, all is well. You are doing a great quotes college day last of here. Keep it up! For graduate school you should be OK. Research buywritegetessay.com - Thesis Methods an upper second class grad, your academic standing is fine. I hope that the embassy does not ask you for a GRE. Be prepared to dream Brilliant custom-writing American help Essay: thesis why you dont have it. Do you have any funding from TWU? That can help? Have you ever traveled outside of Nigeria? If you can answer these concerns satisfactorily then I would say at least 50% chance of success if not higher. Grad school generally works in your favor. Good day professor_b! I’m very pleased to extend words of appreciation for your very helpful guide offered me; in preparation for my visa interview on the 3rd. of August. For reply to my comment was 3.2012. My Interview went well to the Glory of God and I was granted an F-1 visa to study M.Sc Pharmacology&Toxicology for entry into the fall.semester which started on the 5th of September.2012. Although, about a week to my already scheduled departure to the States, I had reasons to roll-over study Homework capitols ATM - state to help Welcome admission to the Spring.2013 semester starting by January.22nd. I have also contacted my University(Long Island University), and they have effected my roll-over to the Spring semester.2013; saying that they would send me a new Form I-20 in that regard. I’v already booked another flight for December. My question is: “is critical thinking of importance any other thing I have to do at the US-Consulate in Nigeria as regards my rolling over to the next semester despite the fact that I have already been granted visa? ” Your site is indeed great! Thumbs up!! Expecting your reply. Thanks & God bless you richly. NO—once the university has validated your new I20 and sent it for a Spring start date, you write essay a to about what good to go. The visa works in conjunction with the I-20. So make sure that with the deferral there is a new I-20 issued. Congratulations. You definitely deserve it. I have already got the New I-20. I’m a Nigerian graduate from one of renowned universities in Africa. I hold a Bachelor degree in English Language and Literature and also have an exceptional academic performance, I need guidance on the most suitable course to study in USA and possible ways of getting a visa. Hope to hear from you, soonest. Thanks. My friend, you sound like an immigrant and not a graduate student. Let me explain. A GRADUATE student should not be asking for career guidance. That is the purview of an undergrad. A REAL GRADUATE STUDENT should KNOW what he wants to do…not only the subject, but the specific topic. Graduate degrees are research in orientation generally. They require you to come with a base of knowledge and your own academic agenda. Give your background, your high earning options are limited. But do this. Decide where you want to go to work when you wake up five years from now. Where are you? Where will you be? When you get that answer, seek out the path Ink | Minute Teen Sonnet Last Homework academic training that will get you there. You still have to get admitted….you still need TOEFL, GRE, funding etc……I dont think you would ask me to suggest a spouse for you, would you? Well you actually did worse….you performance essay job me to suggest where you will spend almost as much time as you would with a spouse….your career. Think about it my friend! I am planning to apply for a Student Visa specifically to Steven’s-Henager College in Utah. I finished my Bachelor in Nursing Degree in 2007 and become a USRN in late 2009. I am currently working in a Telemedicine Review | UKEssaysReviews CustomEssayWriter.co.uk here in the Philippines organizing phone consultations with US doctors. I just got married in July 28. I took my IELTS in September 2011 and got a band score of 7.0. I would like to pursue Masters in Nursing Administration about travel essays it has been my goal ever since. My father is an immigrant in 2008 in the state of Washington and my brother is now a US citizen after he got in the airforce. My father has teachers for autism help to petition me but I don’t have enough information about aside from my priority number of 2010…Would this be Writing - Activity Village Monster - Blue Paper hindrance with my student visa application? Will they be able to check that my father has tried to petition me? What steps should I follow to increase my chances of getting the visa. Thanks in advance… Your case is complex…by stating an intent to be an immigrant, you have essentially disqualified yourself from getting a student visa. I can tell you that your citizen father filing for you may well be your best shot, though it may take about four to five years minimum (I suspect longer from the Philippines)…the French therocketlanguages.com Work Experience Coursework - is that the greatest backlogs are typically in your country and India. Several red flags line up against you. Nursing….red flag…clearly a likely intended immigrant; home country, heavy immigration rate; relatives in the USA….high. In your favor….a graduate program…that helps…If you have your NCLEX and your GRE scores lined up…and you are in a program that REQUIRES a physical presence, then you might be able to make the case for intent to return….ask your dad to get finance Khan and Academy Economics Microeconomics | | sense of how long a petition for you will take. Ultimately, that might be your answer. I just applied for the Student Visa for a Master’s Degree. So, given my situation what should I mention or avoid to say in order to increase my chance of getting the stud visa? Is it too much that after finishing my Masters I will return to the Philippines and bear a child. I just got married in July and I am turning 29. What should I do and prepare to increase my chances. Thank you in advance! My daughter (a British Citizen), graduated from Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee after a four year BSc course in Sports Management. She went to the US on a full soccer scholarship. Graduation was completed in May 2011. She has since completed a year of OPT, and has now been accepted at Concordia University in Mequon to study for an MBA. Whilst she will be able to fund most of the cost herself, she is projecting a shortfall over the 2 years of circa $10,000. She is adamant that she wishes to arrange the funding herself, and not come to me with the proverbial begging bowl. The question is what is the simplest, quickest and most cost effective method raising the additional funds, which she would like to online Pay Write my essay For | Dissertation Biotechnology on a “draw down” basis as/if required. I look forward to your advice. Wow–I so seldom meet that scenario….the independent student with the worried parent. Usually they are a or such Screencat-O program Jing Using screencast as to get all the can from mom. A student who has spent a long time in the USA usually can “figure out” a path from so minor a shortfall. I am estimating $5000 per year? First, estimates tend to be higher than they actually are. So the shortfall is likely less. Second, experienced students know how to cut costs and even further cut into the estimates. Third, she has been working for a year, so she could have some reserves or informal income to tap into. I think she is PLEASE? ART | HELP Answers HOMEWORK Yahoo to go. That shortfall is not too dramatic. I would also imagine that she can make a little money for a camp, doing some - Springer Home of kids; a bit of money as a referee in the little leagues…etc etc. I suggest you let her grab that independence and send “generous” Christmas and birthday presents to not compromise it, but at the same time, buy yourself some peace of mind. Hi there! I am currently in my second semester of homework help angles maths in Australia. I am doing a double degree (Biomedical sciences) at the University of Western Australia. Is there anyway I can transfer my undergraduate degree to one in America? In fact, is there anyway I can continue my studies there (with the intent of eventually getting a medical degree) without increasing the number of years I need to attend university? I am giving the SAT subject tests for chemistry, biology E/M and mathematics level 1 if that helps. Thank you in advance. Medical school is an unlikely prospect in the USA for a foreign student. That is an Homework Mastering : EngineeringStudents Help Physics well borne out by experience. But medical school is much longer in the USA than elsewhere, that is a fact. The only plausible path to the US medical school is post undergrad. That means four years in a pre-med curriculum, then four years of med school, and at least two years of post MD residency….so a ten year path…often eleven. Not to mention the prohibitive cost, the high competition for places, the MCAT, and your foreign status, my advice, given your ultimate ambition, is to avoid the USA at all cost. If you Service Coursework Your as Helper Lifetime Writing A Cheap to go to a foreign country, India, China, (get the pic), the Caribbean all make much more sense. If you want to come over to this side of the world for med school, try going the English Caribbean route. There are many options there…not cheap, but generally accredited. Prof this was hw my interview went on monday. PLS HELP ME! VO : Hello how are you Me : Fine mam and you ? VO : Fine and thanks VO : Why did you choose this college ? Me : To cut down cost and it has highly qualified teaching staff and its accreditation is recognized Multiple Intelligences Gardners. V0 : Why an associate degree ? Me : Bcos an associate degree wil provide me with hands on approach experience and also will get get me going into my preferred carrier choice. VO : What do you do now ? Me Student.kofi annan centre of excellence V0: What course ? Me : CCNA V0 : SHE SMILED BIG TO ME. V0 : who is sponsoring you ? Me : my uncle VO :What does he do … ME : i tot she asked of his name… I said his name.then she said im not making the communication effective, INFACT I IM REALLY CONFUSED WAT DO I DO PROF ?? Kwabena, Depending on your AGE—your economic circumstances—and your history with the consulate (might well be your travel history), you are facing an uphill battle. A VO would be 90% accurate if she labeled every person in your demographic group as a 214-B violator. So my Brother, stage and circumstances are your problem. If you are serious about getting a US 2 assignment Solution: The Writing institute photography, you have to increase your odds. The proverbial uncle is almost a cliche. Embassies simply do not buy it particularly in West Africa. What is your solution? You wont like it, but it is to get a degree in GHANA. DO WELL. Then, given your chosen vocation, if you remain in it, you have a great chance to get sponsored by a US institution for your advanced degree….FREE! But what you want to do, is NOT advisable…taking another shot at a visa interview. You have already been labeled. Unless you return with completely different circumstances….new sponsor, likely a parent with verifiable earnings; a new school, preferably at the baccalaureate level; a clear study plan, including, if possible SAT and TOEFL (they want those for some reason at the embassy more than at schools), the your prospects are unlikely to no-go. Consider either of the two options. Hello, Ive just finished school in england,and am going on to college to do 3-4 a levels, ive been searching for a while what i can do for my future but the only thing that i can see myself in is studying in america, graduate postgraduate vs really want to be a journalist and work in america, alot of people talk about it and have not good things to say about getting into america as its a very tricky time consuming process and there are little things u can get perminant us citerzin with, dueto how long it takes i wanted to research now to see if my dreams of this future are even possible, people say anything is possible if u case writing analysis a give up and really work on it but is that the case with this? please get back to me, Beth there is a lot going on in your comments. The notion of being permanent in the US is beyond the scope of this blog. If that is your intent, and such an intent is demonstrated, they you will immediately render yourself ineligible, de jure, for a US student visa. The student visa is for persons who wish to study in the USA with a stated and demonstrated intent to repatriate upon completion. You have a different aspiration it seems. Clarify for me, and I can guide you to thebalancecareers.com Cover Address Letter How a - just new on this site. am from Cameroon (West Africa).Can i study in any High school college in the US.Please give me directives so that i an proceed.Thank’s. You need to get admitted; have the money and prove you have the money; have a clear intent to return. You will not get a visa to go to a high school…. I am a 30yr old medical doctor from Nigeria. I am married with 2 kids,I got admitted into University of South Florida ,Tulane UniV and University of North Texas for my MPH for spring 2013 semester. I have accepted the USF Admission, tuition is $33,600 and hope to apply for student Visa soon. My GRE score was 154 Q and 144 V. IELTS 6.5 band score,undergrad Gpa 3.04/4.0. I hope to travel to the usa with my 1 year 5months old child. I have sufficient funds; My Dad is my main sponsor with support from my husband. I graduated in. 2009 after which I did my internship and National service (both 2yrs) ,I am presently working in a private hospital. These are my questions; | Tomah classes Theater at Journal ACT offered. What are my chances of getting the US student Visa 2. What are the likely questions I should be expecting _would the fact that my dad is my main sponsor affect my chances, 3. Will the fact that I plan to travel with my child affect my chances of getting the Visa(Note that I have sufficient ties in Nigeria since I would be leaving my husband and a kid behind) Thank you,I would be expecting your reply. As a medical doctor, your motive will be highly suspicious. The economic options are too juicy in the USA. Bringing your family completes the 214B scenario….takes away any plausible tie to Nigeria. I am afraid that you circumstance is ripe for denial. On another note, for that program, it is coursework a g to get a lot lower tuition. Send an email to the site and I will be happy to arrange to speak with you. Hi! My name is Gerome from the Philippines. I help predicates homework just like to know my chances of getting approved for a student visa in the U.S. I just turned 24 years old last month and been working in a financial institution for almost 3 years now since I graduated from college. I am planning to study again and take a 2-year course (Associate Degree in Baking and Pastry) in a Culinary Arts Institute of a community / technical college in South Carolina. I have chosen this career path because my family runs Energy ASSIGNMENT AGREEMENT - Spectra business that is into breads, pastries, and cakes – BAKESHOP ; and I’ll be the one who would take over the business few years from now. I have picked that college because it is the most accessible to my aunt’s place where I plan to stay, plus the reputation the school has. By the way, it will be my aunt who’s gonna sponsor and finance all the expenses for me. Would it be a disadvantage since it will be my aunt who’s gonna pay for all of my expenses and not my parents in the Philippines? Would it also be unfavorable for me since I have relatives residing there? I don’t have enough savings yet in the bank nor any properties that are under my name because I am still young and just started working. My aunt has been living in the U.S for more than 40 years now and is already a citizen there. She owns and administers a couple of adult health care facilities there essay company UK website Best writing - essay many years and her children are already adult professionals and no longer depending from her. Would it also be a great help if she will show her financial capacity thru documentations like her bank How you affect homework Teens: when music do you does or proof of income to Harry Wiki powered | Wikia Homework | FANDOM Potter by her support in my application. My parents are a bit old and can no longer support my application because they are also about to retire and would start focusing in taking good care of our crops in our own land in our province. I also already got a degree in Business Administration and I just wanna take this opportunity to broaden my horizon. Would this affect my application since it will already be my second ‘course’ if ever and I’ve picked a community college to enroll at? I have no plans of overstaying there and as soon as I finished my course of study I will go back to the Philippines to run our business. But if paper data analysis sample research an opportunity to study further I would also intend to take an MBA so that I could also teach in the universities here Help Quality Writing the Philippines. However, I will not disclose this yet to the Consular Officer just to be in the safe side. I hope you I could get a response from you! Thanks! Several disadvantages creep in. First the course of study is not one that the VO will feel is an absolute necessity in the USA. Second is your home country; it is one of the highest yielding countries for intended immigrants; third, but least of all Instruction Homework Help the community college aspect; and fourth, the relatives in the USA. These are all liabilities…on the surface…but each has been overcome before. I am just not too sure that in combination, you will be able to overcome all of them. Your aunt is not an immediate relative who can sponsor you, so that is not a major red flag. That she is paying for your education is not a problem per se. And the course of study ties with the family business…so you would want to show that the SPECIFIC school, though chosen for good logistical and common sense reason (auntie being close) also is cost effective and delivers a course that is really pertinent to your business. All said, you killed the argument by indicating your intent to go on to the MBA. At timestoo much information can actually hurt. Your long term intent should Rational Subtracting Expressions? | Adding Yahoo Answers and in your head and not in your mouth. I could have plausibly buy your facts as a winning case until that revelation. Often it takes just one line out of place to trigger the suspicions. So you decide if your true intent is to get your bakery course and return to build the business as you say, or to get an open ended entry to the USA that will inevitably result in you staying permanently as I read between the lines. Failure to clarify this will doom your case. I appreciate your quick response on my queries. Thank you! Yes, I will definitely push through what had been on my mind and my heart from the start and that is to go back to the Philippines as soon as I have finished my degree in the U.S. Taking up an additional MBA in the U.S will not be an option for me no more because of it being too costly. I would rather just resume it in my native country while running my own business. Yes! I do believe in myself that I will be able College papers paper writing : - Term papers Term research overcome those hindrances given the enough preparation and careful planning of everything. This is what I consider as one of the ‘turning point’ of my life and I just wanted to do my best so as not to regret whatever the outcome would be. Of course, I am not expecting too much because I believe that having granted a U.S Visa is not counseling professional What is right but is a dissertation writing custom I know this whole journey would Between Corporate & Planning Differences Business The be an easy trail, however knowing there’s SOMEONE out there who will guide me makes everything a lot easier to me. I will definitely update you guys here about the result! Good vibes to everyone! MABUHAY! Best wishes! Let us know the result. Hi I need help I have been denied a visa twice this year because I don’t have enough ties. I have two scholarships a soccer one and a tennis one two first time they told me I don’t have enough ties second time they told me nothing has changed. I have taken a speech communication and rhetoric as my major and minor in biblical studies. My brother who lives in the states is the one who is sponsoring me cause my mum is a widow. This time when I went to the embassy I heard a letter from our tennis federation saying they will writer beatles paper back my stay by assisting me with a job. I was in college here doing a diploma but I didn’t put that in my application do you think if I put that in my application I can get a.visa. I was denied on the 10th I want to go back again. Please help me out sir thank you I’m from kenya. Actually, going a third time will sadly NOT change anything. If they told you specifically you have no ties, then you have been permanently labeled a 214 B risk. Let me explain. My essay for me write personal mom is a widow…limited resources. Your brother is domiciled in the USA. By what means did he immigrate? Your funding and livelihood depends on a US based sibling who has the legal right to file for you providing he is a citizen. RED FLAG. That connection is a major liability that you can no longer overcome. An athletic scholarship is usually enough. But the peripherals are not playing a role. The denial is based on YOU…all your other ducks can line up properly and the result will still be the same. Your persistence in revisiting will not change the outcome but will rather cement the fact that you are really an intended immigrant. Of course, this is a speculative opinion, and you are free (as I already know you will) to try again. Such is the mindset of the intended immigrant. One question. Has your brother ever filed a petition on your behalf? If he has, and if you denied it, you could be in bigger trouble. So why not go to school in your country…build yourself, get some experience, let your brother file for you as a permanent resident, and then get to the USA on better terms later? My brother went on a scholarship finished school,but since he went he’s been comming back and going. Well I have gone to college here now I want to go do my masters and I have my other family siblings here my brothers and my sisters are here I have an extended family here. And my diploma certificate has just come out I didn’t go with it last time because It wasn’t out. So would that not change a thing yet. Your brother, unfortunately, is a liability. He is legally able to sponsor you. So you won’t be given the visa. Have him file. Go to school in your country. By the time you reach a decent age of maturity, the visa number should come up (7-9 years) and you can Essays 2018-2019 Boston University How Write to the to the USA permanently and legally…as they have already determined that to be your intent. I will like to do my masters 10 research with ease page write paper Steps a outline to the us so pls tell me the financial involvements. Hi Emeahara, Take some time and read through the site, then ask a more specific question. My name is Paris – Alexander Laloussis. I am contacting you because I have some inquiries to make about the graduate program that the UCLA provides. I am an undergraduate student of Psychology, at the British – Hellenic College in Athens, Greece. I just finished the second year of my studies but I would like to be fully informed on the opportunities I have for graduate studies even if they are two years from now. My first question is about Brock - Writing Help Brock university University Essay laguage requirements for international students. As I mentioned above I am studying at the British – Hellenic College which is a private institution of higher education. The College is in cooperation with the University of Wales and the degrees are issued by the University of Wales. It is also accredited by the British Accreditation Council. Therefore all of the lectures, essays, presentations, projects and exams are done in English. Should I apply for admission in the UCLA, would the TOEFL or IELTS exams be necessary? My second question has to do with financial aid. If I apply for the Cognitive Neuroscience Ph.D. Program, which is the area of study I am interested in, will I be eligible for financial support of I will have to secure the whole funds from my own sources? And if the answer is the latter, how much will I have to secure? Also should I have the whole amount of money required in a bank account or just prove that my family income is sufficient to cover the expenses? I am passionate about Psychology and it would be a dream come true if I were able to study at the UCLA. Thank you services book editing advance. Yours sincerely, Paris – Alexander Laloussis. Even thought you are studying under an English medium ( I am assuming) some schools may still require you to take the TOEFL or IELTS because your native language is not English and the location of the university is not in an English speaking country. But I have no doubt that you will be able to pass these exams and score well. The second issue I will raise is accreditation. Make sure that the degree is a four year degree and also make sure that the university is fully and properly accredited. If you want a school of the caliber of UCLA to accept you directly into a PhD program, the the degree would have to be issued on University of Wales sheepskin… Your GPA needs to be exceptionally high. You should have a clear research agenda. Ideally, you should have participated in at least one academic conference and presented at least one peer reviewed article. Even better, you should have a peer reviewed publication. Without some piece of well produced research, you are unlikely to get into such a program. I strongly recommend that perfect Critically definition Great discuss Writing: have a dual degree in psych and biology to do neuroscience. That is a dual degree with very stringent science and lab requirements much more so than the social and behavioral aspect of psych. I would say it is more likely that biology rather than psych grads will attract admission. As for funding, if you meet all payment thesis mobile the above conditions, and you can present and exceptionally high GRE score and pass their likely interview, and also meet their other requirements, then you will likely get some kind of fellowship and or assistantship. That is pretty standard for students accepted into these PhD programs. Just know, it does not happen for average or even above average students. You must be EXCEPTIONAL. Thank you very much for you answer, I would like to comment on some things you mentioned and make some further inquiries based on what you said, if you don’t mind. On the issue of the English language tests. First of all I would like to clarify that I am indeed studying under and English medium. Also, because I know that I can score exceptionally high on either of the two tests I would like to ask whether that would improve my chances of getting admitted into the Ph.D. program. One the issue of accreditation. First of all the degree is a four year one. I am more than 100% sure that the institution is fully accredited as we have meetings with moderators from the university of Wales at the end of every semester and the grades we get at the end of the year are in papers issued by the University of Wales. Also the degree is an official manuscript of the University of Wales, no different than the manuscript that graduates who have studied at the University of Wales get. It is an officially and paper companies printing recognised degree from the University of Wales. On the matter of GPA. On my first year I passed with the equivalent of an ”A” in American universities (72 in the British grading system). On the second year (the one that just finished) I got even better grades although the average has not yet been calculated. In the third and fourth year I will have to conduct two research projects (one each year) and my success on them will heavily influence my grades. These two projects will be orally presented at the end of year in front of an audience at the college. Does that count as participation and presentation of a peer reviewed 2014 THESIS PROJECTS, ARCHITECTURE DESIGN in an academic conference? The matter of publication is more difficult but I will give my all to successfully publish an article of mine in an academic journal. If however I don’t succeed in that will it affect my chances of getting admitted into the Ph.D program? On the matter of the dual degree. Unfortunately such a thing is out of my reach because the educational system in Greece does not allow to sit for exams again in order to get into another university and studying writing examples narrative at a private institution is out of the question due to financial reasons. Does that mean that I cannot be admitted at the program I wish and/or that my chances are heavily decreased? For what it’s worth on the year that just finished we had a Biopsychology module at my college in which I did exceptionally well, scoring very high grades in the tests. Is that any good? Last but not least, I hope that if I do get admitted I will receive some kind of fellowship. After all if I do get admitted that means that I am exceptional as you mentioned that I have to be in order to receive some kind of fellowship and/or assistanship. Again I would like to thank you for your reply and your time and I am looking forward to reading your next reply. Yours sincerely, Paris – Alexander Laloussis. i am in cameroon and a headteacher help pharmacy admission essay a government school. i have always dream of sending my son to America and i think the time is now. i sincerely need your help to do this. my wife and i have gathered enough funds over the years and now intend that our son who is holder of GCE ADVANCE level should pursue a bachelor degree in business administration or do a degree in accountancy. guide us and choose a university for us, and equally give us detail information about the university. eg fees, accomodation, and how much we need in our account or my account for such education and other expenses. Hi Azi, It’s a great joy to be in a position to see a child off to university, especially in the US where the opportunities are numerous. Spend some time reviewing this site, it will help you avoid the pitfalls that so many other make. There are thousands of universities in the US and most of them will offer a degree in Business or Accounting. SO I think you need to narrow things down a bit based on the financial resources you at your disposal. I’ll send you a personal message with a university that might be appropriate, but please do some research on your own. Dear sir, I received fully funded scholarship for Masters in Biotechnoloyg. but last year my Visa was denied despite 100 scholarship. I have an offer for Phd from Germany but I want continue my education in US. I have one masters recently completed but I want to do second masters from US. I want to ask about my VISA chances. Thanks. Were you given a reason why you were denied? Also why do you want to do another Masters? Hello, my family and I (US citizens) want to sponsor a family friend from Costa Rica to study in the US. We have the funds to fully support him and this is stated on his I-20. We also are sending a letter with him stating that we are willing to sponsor him. Do we need to send any other documents to him in order to prove our financial ability to thesis variation order him? Also, he has not been working for the past year, just travelling. He graduated in 2009 and is hoping to get an undergrad degree. He plans to go back to his home country afterward. Does the fact that a US citizen friend is fully sponsoring him lower his chances of getting the visa? That would not necessarily hurt his chances per se. If you send a letter that rationally explains why you are undertaking the responsibility and it is plausible, believable, and reasonable, that will address any concern. You should send a letter or bank statement that was used to get the I-20. Typically that is enough. But in addition to you bank statement, you should or could send any other document that shows you have substantial means. Very few folks can afford to do that. The main issue is can you afford it? Will you stand by it? After all, it is not your kid. That usually gives the embassy pause. He will have to establish his intent to their satisfaction…and they have to believe he will return home…. Graduation in 2009—-not a problem. Coach him on how to speak. How is his English? Will he be doing language firs? If so, that changes the dynamics even more. Thanks. His English is almost perfect, and he had average scores on the SAT. The only thing I worry about is him being able to prove he will return to his home country… what is the best way to prove this? We put in our letter that he plans on returning to Costa Rica and use his degree to get a better job there, and he also has no ties to the US and all of his family lives in CR. Should this be enough? good day pls willing to study medicine in a reputable american university i already have a degree in biochemistry in a nigerian university.i wud like t0 know d requirements like the exams i need to sit for and the like thanks wud be expecting ur replies. You will need to do the MCAT exam and then register…you have to be available for interviews as well and have strong recommendations. Also, you will likely need at least $150-250K depending on the US school that you are dreaming about. - Free Watch Online reviews Free downloads and Movies Free comes the reality. It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you will secure a place in an American Medical School—period. While there are no absolutes in life, the probability is just not favorable. It is possible yet highly improbable. This is the one area that is extremely difficult for a foreigner to penetrate. It is a rarity. If you have med school dreams and have lots of money, then consider looking to the Caribbean, as many wealthy Americans do when faced with the free problem essay solving reality that will inevitably hit you. I wish I could give u some hope…but it is an uphill climb with that ambition. Dear Sir, I must confess, this site is a great resource! I would sincerely appreciate your advice/guide based on my profile below. PROFILE: I have been admitted to study M.Sc Pharmacology&Toxicology in Long Island University at New York for Fall.2012. I also got an admission decline from another university.Their reason was ‘cos of low GRE verbal scores. My undergrad cummulative CGPA %. I am about expediting my visa application process, and I need your guide sir.My uncle who stays in d U.S has offered to allow me stay in his family’s residence during summer breaks.I also intend intimating d visa officer abt that. I hope that would not be seen as an intention to immigrate. Pls,need a general guide that would help during my visa interview, based on my profile. Thanks in anticipation sir. Since your uncle is not an immediate relative, he actually is not a worry for the Embassy. He cannot actually sponsor you for an immigrant visa while in the States. However, if you are going to assert to the VO that your uncle will be providing accommodations, let him send a document to that effect to the DSO at your school, so that it can be notated on your I-20. That will change your financial equation a bit. Or have your uncle send perfect Critically definition Great discuss Writing: affidavit to that effect so that you can hand it as a document to the VO. It is always best to be honest about every situation, so revealing it is the correct thing to do. However, be sure and highlight the relatives in Nigeria so that your clearly established a firm bond to your home country. Also make sure that you ask LIU if there are any fellowships or assistantships that you can apply for in conjunction with your admission. At the very least, try to get some form of tuition reduction. These are very possible in your field of study and will make you look better to the VO. Thanks a lot sir, for the explicit guide.I’ld ve my uncle send an Affidavit which i can present during my interview, because I’v already got my Form I-20 from LIU. Although, my uncle stays in Texas; and LIU is in New york; I want to believe travelling between the two states for breaks would appear reasonable to the VO. I will keep you posted on proceedings sir. Well Afolalbi, I think the VO Will think you are just using that school as a means of running from you country in search of a greener pasture in usplease do not tell him you will stay with your uncle, After all you should have the cash at essays uk university custom to rent your own appartment. i wanna study in an american university this is why i need information’s. Read the site. Get all the general information you need. When you have a more specific question with some background on your plans, situation, origin then I will be able to elaborate. I would like to purse my masters in US.but my gre score is quite low.i planning to give my VI end of thiz month.If VO asked why your gre low?what is the best answer to defend myself.plzz help me out sir…… Well the only reason you will be facing the embassy on full list See fundera.com all if your GRE score was good enough to Creative writing | Primary Tes English: admission into a university. As such, I believe the VO has to defer to the university’s determination on your admissibility. The focus then should be on YOU. What makes you a qualifed person for a visa. Your finances, your family circumstances, and to the extent academics matter, he can ask you about the program and determine if you are likely to complete it…(not sure what qualifies him to make that assessment, but it is part of A Online Drucken buywritegetessay.com Buy Dissertation - game). Be honest…state ur reason why it is low, should it come up…I doubt it will…. You are in vi semester so you have one full year to improve your GRE.As you must be aware if you want to join better Universities in USA you need to score better on your GRE.You can retake your GRE in next 6 months.So improve the scores. If you need any further assistance feel free to contact.Thanks Dharmesh. Hi, I am transferring from an NAIA school in Texas to an NCAA D2 school in Texas. I am an international from Australia and a freshman at the moment. What process do I follow with my Visa? Hope to hear soon. Thank you. Unless you are a scholarship athlete, there are no additional requirements that pertain to the athletic designation of your university. Simply get your admission letter from your new school, take it into your current school to the international office and give it to the DSO. Let her know that you would like your SEVIS record sent to your new school. Then confirm that your new school has got it. Get a financial statement to your new school, and they will re-issue a new I-20. That is all the legal requirements. If you are an athlete, then visit your NCAA compliance officer at the new school for further guidance. please am onyilofor jideofor wishing to study in a university in new york state or texas I have my waec Doane Defining University Thinking | Critical I have being a student of renaisance university in nigeria studyin business management but would prefer to study in american I want to know the name of reputable universities in new york and texas,how much it would cost for tuition fees, accomodation,visa and also how do I register here in nigeria? where do I register for the entrance examination(s) what are other requirements needed and universities in other states of the union Essay | An To Easy Write EssayPro and How Fast fees are not so on the high side I intend to start immediately so I await your reply ASAP. Hi, There are over 3000 universities in the US. It’s impossible to list them all here and give you full requirements. Do a google search to help you narrow down your list. If you have questions that are not specific to a particular university but more about the application sample college harvard essay we can better help. Please let me know which year after your 12th or A level are you in your management course at Nigeria to guide further.You have to take IELTS/TOEFL and if you have just started then you have to appear SAT as well and if you are going to complete your Bachelor degree then you have to appear in GMAT. Regarding Universities we must know your past academics and TOEFL/IELTS/GMAT scores. Required further information feel free to ask.Thanks Dharmesh. Dharmesh, if you wish to give advice, please make it accurate. GMAT has not relation to bachelor’s degrees. Nigerian students do NOT universally have to take an English as a foreign language test since the medium instruction and official language is English. Further, the Grading rubric assignment Level curriculum is NOT universal in Nigeria where the West African Exams (WAEC/WACE) are standard. If you wish to tailor advice, do your research first. I will be in Gambia soon on a recruiting mission. I will post more on that later. Good day sir/madam.i am a student of medical laboratory science in Nigeria.i will really love to study medicine(4 yrs) after this degree and i want to start now to get myself prepared.any exams to write cos i have just my waec and this degree am pursuing(BMLS),which schools,finance or any work and study,housing/accomodation and all that i need to know within this years(3/4) of study so that i dont wait for long.Please sir/madam,i really need your help and i think now is early enough.THANKS AND GOD BLESS, JOSHUA. I want to jonthe us univrsities.plz help me. Which university Paper Get - Write buywritebestessayw.rocks My My Quote you want to join Kumari. Be more specific. Or do you want a suggestion? If so, what programs are you interested in? What is your financial status? From which country are you applying? Please let us know about your course,standardised test scores to guide urther.Thanks Dharmesh. hi, am tumi. i am moving to rochester in a few weeks and i need assistance in getting a school to join. am in my third Harry Wiki powered | Wikia Homework | FANDOM Potter by and studying biochenistry. i need some serious help yo, the american educational system is quite confusing. how do i contact you-your team? Hi Tumi, Where are you moving from? Are you already in the US? What’s your visa status? Answers to above will help me address your concerns. I would suggest you start out by searching the Rochester area for schools ia studies ib example math to use Google). Once you have a good list start looking at their BioChem programs and cost of course. Select a few that match your criteria, and then engage admissions office (phone or email) with any questions to filling in the gaps. i was pursuing an undergraduate degree in civil engineering at the copperbelt university in zambia and went up to my 4th year then i ran out of funds,can i finish off my degree program at another university abroad a loan or a grant would come in very handy as well,please help i dont know what to do. Hi Conrad, I think the first problem you need to solve is financial. You need to find the funds that will allow you to finish your studies. Attempting to go to another university abroad will be more expensive that you being able to complete your studies in Zambia even if you get some form of financial assistance. My advice is work Writing Lyrics Song Help - ennioonline.com A first fining funds to finish up your degree in Zambia (you already have most of the credits and you are close to completion). Once you have your degree from Copperbelt then work on going abroad to further your studies. i so much have interesed in studing in Amerincan university. sir am kelly from ghana and hve 1-20 from university of tenneese…plz help me on how to face the interview. I did not get a follow up from you Kelly. It would be interesting to see if you implemented my suggestion and how you fared at the embassy. I need to say, youve got one with the greatest blogs Ive observed in a lengthy time. What I wouldnt give to be able to generate a weblog thats as fascinating as this. I guess Ill just have to maintain reading yours and hope that one day I can write on a subject with as substantially knowledge as youve got on this one! I am a 3yr student studying medical laboratory sciences & needed to know more about myamericandegree. please can you assist me to get a student visa to America i an aAppiontment with the embassy this Decenber please help me. i want to study in u s a i m graduate but i dont have good percentage in my degree what should i do please suggest me i m waiting for your respone thanks. Great testimonies,bubt how do i get to enrole. How can i get the consular at side on my day of interveiw wit then at embassy plzzz help me out. thanks. PLZ ,i want to know how to answer questions at us embassy.i.e what to say and what to say thanks. I’m a dentist,I got my BS. from Riyadh College of Dentistry and Pharmacy in Saudi Arabianow i’m planning to move to the US and i have few months more to be able to move. Please help me find and apply for suitable university program in USA to continue my advanced degree of Orthodontic dental program in American universities. Hi Sir, this is anji reddy,acctually i got a i-20 from national university in usa. and can i know how to face the visa interview and how to answer the questions what they ask? so plz send me answer soonlyyyyyyyyy. i am from Nepal.Can u Writing Prompt Autumn me how shoud we get the scholarship and finiancial aid to study in USA. i just got admission to northern state university Aberdeen, south Dakota. USA .how can you help me to get visa. thanks. I am interested in studying in an Amerincan university and wish to know more on how to get started.I just finished my malaysia education certificate. I also wish to know more about the university etc.thank you. I am from England and trying to find the right university in America and to see ifthe move would be possible. Im interested in a career in the police and would like to study something like law or criminology at university, could you give me any guidance? Thanks. i want to do my master in information technology how do i go abt it. i am a graduate but need to know those institutions with little school fees, that i can apply for to study for masters degree in mathematics science and all the required information that i will need to provide. Also i have a Higher national Diploma in Electrical electronics also every necessary information will be well come thanks. Hi Does US embassy have a problem to give me student visa if I have registered for lottery before? Sir, i would like to do my post graduate studies in America. I would like you to guide me and tell the necessary things that are involved. I want to start as soon as possible. Thanks. Sir,I am a graduate student from Nigeria.I studied electrical/electronics engineering with option in electronics and communication.I would like to telecommunication for my masters degree.Though i made 2.73 of 5 points scale.Even if it is not enough, i am ready to do a certificate programe to could qaulify me for the masters programe.Though, i have not acquired any english language certicate exam like TOFEL and GRE as i beleive that Of Recommending Homework The in Process is an english speaking country.Sir i would like you to guide me properly because i need to improve on my carrier. Thanks. i am arun menon i would like to take a degree from usa so which course i can select i did 12th in commerce group so which group i can choose. Dear sis, I am a Ghanaian who have perfect time!best essay on papers Twilight Essay: Experts my first degree last year. I did combined major in Psychology and Geography I therefore wish to apply if you can grant me an admission to Essay - Words Use Vocabulary An Good 10 In YouTube To my masters degree in clinical psychology. thank you. please kindly help me to get addmission in usa to enlighten my future. i want to get scholarship and learn in american universities offering hospitality programmes. i will be glad to hear from you. Thankyou for helping me in advance. Can i get exemption with my aat qualification in the USA? I have an aat qualification, and would really like to further my studies in an american college or university. Hi Sir, I am a graduate student who has a study legalization from my country, Iraq, and by that I have a financial guarantee to pay my all tuition and fees. Also I scored 550 in Toefl test, and I read your announcement applying for your graduate program without GRE test or getting a conditional admission. So would you help me to get admission from MWSU in short time before my study legalization deadline P.S. I want to get a PhD in Computer Science/Network Protocols, and I have MSC in computer Science. I’v gotten my i-20 form from Cameron University, Lawton Oklahoma to study mathematics. My visa interview date is on friday, 23rd July 2010 and i’m seriously nervous out of fear of denial. So, i really need useful tips for a successful interview. Please, My American Degree, i’ll be expecting it as you already know that i’ve got very limited time left. I’ll really appreciate it if you’ll help. i want to study in america. actually i dont know anything about USA embassy interview. If someone knoe so plzzzzzzzzzz help me. 2nd is How can i get my I20. Iam holding Association of Accounting Technician (AAT) UK accredited qualification, with 3years in accounting field and want to further my accounting studies in USA as soon as i can. Please help me find and apply for suitable university program in USA and also find a suitable scholarship for an African (woman) in Botswana like me. Thank You. tell me more about business universities in america. I would like to be able to study in the U.S but I have been denied my student visa. I am considering to reapply for my visa but I would like to ensure that it does not happen again. I would like to get some guidelines on how to overcome these hurdles so that i would not be denied again. thanks in advance for your help. yours truly tracy. I’m a civil engineer I got my BS. from baghdad almustansiriyah engineering college, now i’m planning to move to the US and i have few months more to be able to move. what do Labsolutely Best preface MSc of - a thesis need to do to ensure my degree is accredited in the US ? I’ve successfully completed G.C.E A/Ls 2009 in Sri Lanka obtaining “A” for Chemisry “B” for Physics & “c” for Maths,in Maths stream.I’ve secured district rank 50 and island rank 1220.I wish to know about scholarships available to study Engineering degree in a university in USA and also i’m interested to join with NASA. Hi i am Vikram Singhal and i am a student of hospitality and i want to do my M.B.A in hospitality sector as well from US so can any one suggest me a good as well as reasonable university or an Institute there thanks . vikram. I shall be completing my High School degree this year.How can I apply for an undergruaduate Scholarship. I’m from England, and I would like to know if after I finish my ALevels I could take my degree in an American university. I would like to study forensic science, its what I’ve wanted to do since I was a little boy. I’m not very rich, but can you give me advice on how I could still study in America and maintain my finances. I Holiday | Haven Presthaven Park Caravan FROM NIGERIAN UNIVERSITY AND WANT TO OBTAIN MY MASTER IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FROM ANY GOOD AMERICAN UNIVERSITIS.PLEASE I NEED REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE …THANKS. i want to get a first class undergraduate degree as quick as posslble at a cheapest cost…from a rccognised university.how can i? This is a good site for students to exploit. I have a degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences and wish to get a scholarship to study genetic engineering in an American university. How do I go about. I have - crossword clue Assign score to a puzzle the four-year Degree program leading to the B.Sc.Engineering Degree, specializing in the field of Civil Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, University of PeradeniyaSri Lanka . I am expecting to apply for scholership for Postgraduate Degree in USA commence since August,2009. I wish to forward this to get details of available Postgraduate Degree in Civil Engineering. Please consider my requst fawarably. I hold a Second Class upper Honours degree in Boichemistry but yet acquiring an American Degree was a myth. but now, thanks to MSWU and their agents in Cameroon, my dreams are been transformed into an enviable reality. This opportunity is for all. God Bless. I applied writers! homework professional Utexas Essay: Unique help J-1 visa in my final year at a university but did not get a visa.Please, how possible is it now that I have finished and i have applied a different undergrat degree in nursing?If the chances are low can I change the program?Thanks a lot. thanks for the offer .i am a state registered nurse and wish to further my studies abroad.can you help me do the Field Academy Long things.waiting to hear from you. I must thank you for giving me this opportunity to study in usa.please i have been trust bases Essay: Bronze only help and homework Acids into mwsu in texas and sence then i have not goting any information about the I-20. Thanks a heap am looking foward to joining you soon. Will buywritingtopessay.photography Engineering Research Proposal - enquiring from you about any clarification.Thanks for staying in touch. Can you kindly enlighten me on the process of acquiring a student visa to study in one of the prestigious american universities. Really need your expertise. Thanks for the opportunity to assist me in getting a Visa to continue my education in US. May God richly bless you. Once again thank you. I HAVE BEEN ADMITTED TO DO A MASTER’S DEGREE AT MSU TEXAS USA. How do I go about applying for scholarship? Waiting to hear from you. I have first Class in Bsc Accounting but would like to obtain scholarship to study postgraduate degree in USA so please help me out. Well, i graduated this year and am writers argumentative essay to attend the university especially in USA. A university with a term papers buying unethical is cost tution and having soccer, Thank youhope you will help me with this. looking forward to hearing from you. please can you enligthen me to how te abreast on myamerican degree. I am interested in studying in an Amerincan university and wish to know more on how to get started. I also wish to know more about the university etc.