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Autobiographical Film vs Autobiographical Prose Essay. Autobiographical film, like prose, is filled with the memories of the major events in one#8217;s life. In prose, authors give detailed descriptions of their past, while in film directors are able to employ visuals and the use of song and voice-over to illustrate someone else#8217;s life or his or her own. Autobiographies are supposed to portray one#8217;s life truthfully and accurately; however, most contain stretched truths and over-dramatized events or emotions. In the film medium there is more opportunity for fiction than in prose. Jonathan Caouette#8217;s Tarnation and Agnes Varda#8217;s The Beaches of Agnes are two differing documentaries that explore this idea. Throughout these two documentaries the newspaper directors make use of visuals and sound effects to elicit an emotional reaction from the viewers. The use of these effects allows the times riassunto audience to better understand how the director remembers a certain event and how it affects them.

One of the frequently used elements in documentaries is re-enactment. While this can be helpful in portraying an victorian newspaper event, if you don#8217;t have real footage it allows for over dramatization and interpretation from the essays actor playing the role. The actor can listen to how the director wants it to be however they could never fully portray the event truthfully because they were not present for victorian the actual event. This allows for major discrepancies in the retelling of one#8217;s past. Karl Education? In a review of Tarnation Michael Bronski discusses how #8220;the extent of horrific psychic and medical destruction here is overwhelming (if not based on fact, Tarnation would play like a second rate John Waters film)#8221;. The reality of the victorian film reminds audiences of the fragility of life and how quickly things can change. Bronski goes on educating essay, to discuss how the facts of victorian, Tarnation really give the instrument content film power, emphasizing the idea that truth can evoke just as powerful a reaction as a manipulated re-enactment. Using re-enactments in autobiographical film can force the audience to wonder about the level of truth in a scene.

Has the scene been manipulated because it was more entertaining than the newspaper actual event or did the actor allow his or her own interpretation of the educating essay event to seep through and create an entirely new scene? Caouette filmed the majority of his life; therefore, the use of victorian newspaper, re-enactment was unnecessary. This almost constant day to day filming really helped to addictive capture the essence of Jonathan#8217;s life and how he viewed everything that was happening. Though Caouette filmed almost every day, the film wasn#8217;t presented in raw form. Tarnation was edited down and pieced together. Throughout the film there were moments where editing was more obvious than others. Specifically the scene where Jonathan is on the phone with someone from the hospital. He is checking on his mother#8217;s condition after a Lithium overdose. In between the scenes of that phone conversation there is a clip of him vomiting.

The audience later learns that this is because he is severely ill as a result of the stress. When this scene is shown, the newspaper sounds of him vomiting are hear but visually it looks as though he is simply coughing into the toilet. This leads the viewer to believe that perhaps this was placed there for dramatic effect. Another example would be the way the entire first scene is presented. It is clear the phone conversation has been cut and spliced. One scene is of Jonathan completely crumbling emotionally from the news of his mothers health, it lasts only for a second and then in the following scene he#8217;s completely collected and essays for scholarship calm. Newspaper? It is evident that it is being presented to evoke a specific reaction from the audience rather then presenting it truthfully as it actually happened. Fiction can also find its way into autobiographic film in that people behave differently when in front of a camera. They might see it necessary to #8220;put on a show#8221; rather than be themselves because of their discomfort with being documented. In many scenes when Jonathan is how many are in skeleton filming Renee she becomes very excited and victorian begins to behave in a way that makes her look as if she is acting for the camera instead of just being herself. Another example of altered behavior because of the presence of the camera would be when Jonathan confronts his grandfather Adolph about his decision for Renee to undergo shock therapy.

Adolph becomes very defensive and begins to close himself off because of the camera. He says to Jonathan #8220;Take that away, take that away, I don#8217;t want to be photographed by him. People begin to worry more about the way they come across once they realize that they are being closely watched and documented. In Agnes Varda#8217;s The Beaches of Agnes, Varda uses quite a few re-enactments to illustrate scenes from her childhood. Haden Guest discusses #8220;Beaches#8221; in times #8220;Emotion Picture#8221;. She focuses mostly on her style as she recreated the memorable moments of her past. Guest writes, #8220;The re-creation of childhood memories in evocatively restaged family photographs to the more abstract recreation of Varda and victorian newspaper her crew assembling a fragile, open-air gallery of mirrors on a gusty beach. Audiences either find these recreations of past events helpful in gaining a better understanding of Varda#8217;s life or somewhat dishonest and overly staged.

Again, re-enactments sort of lose the truth and allow the director to manipulate the audience into feeling one way about whatever it is they are presenting. Varda also chose to include footage of her and the crew working on the film, however its left up to the audience to decide whether this is a moment of authenticity or yet another staged manipulation for rita entertainment sake. Throughout Agnes Varda#8217;s film she has many imaginative scenes. There are scenes of victorian, her staring blankly into the camera and walking backwards through places she once lived. Though this is in the film to illustrate that she is going backwards in time to tell her story it takes way from the portrayal of her story. Its included in the film for what instrument to measure the energy content of foods? an artistic purpose rather than for one of truth and newspaper accuracy.

In one scene her friend Chris Marker appears in what the energy of foods? the image of a cat and his voice is victorian distorted to sound like a robot of karl education, sorts in a staged conversation with Varda. This scene, among many others, seems very whimsical and far from what actually took place in newspaper her past. For Scholarship Examples? Aside from fictitious imaginative scenes, The Beaches of Agnes strays from the autobiographical film genre, in victorian newspaper that when Varda explores her past she ends up becoming more interested in something that she discovers on this journey that has nothing to do with her story. Karl Marx Education? When she returns to newspaper her childhood home she becomes fascinated with the elderly doctor who now owns it rather than focusing on the life she lived there. Times? In his review on #8220;Beaches#8221;, Haden Guest writes #8220;the film frequently wanders away from victorian newspaper its purported subject in essays order to learn more about the various people encountered along the way. It#8217;s as if she is making two movies, one about her past and the other about the people she met on the journey to victorian making the film, but attempting to put them all into one. It seems the goal of what instrument the energy content of foods?, The Beaches of Agnes is not to serve as a confessional narrative but an exploration into her past with a focus on the people she encountered rather than on herself. In film it is very easy for newspaper fiction to slip in and take control for entertainment value, whereas in rita prose there is a lesser opportunity.

Both Jonathan Caouette and Agnes Varda#8217;s styles of victorian, filming allow for fiction, whether it be through editing, reenactment or other elements of film. Each of is chocolate addictive, these directors classify their films in the autobiographical genre which means their films should present their lives truthfully and accurately. However, in both films it is clear that each director has manipulated footage or used reenactments to present their lives in a different way. Neither film is newspaper one hundred percent truthful. These films should not contain over dramatizations or stretched truths. How Many Bones Are In The Axial Skeleton? When tackling the genre of autobiographical film it is important to portray oneself and one#8217;s story in an honest light. University/College: University of California. Victorian? Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter.

Date: 28 December 2016. How Many Bones The Axial? Let us write you a custom essay sample on Autobiographical Film vs Autobiographical Prose. for newspaper only $16.38 $13.9/page. 3422 Old Capitol Trail, Suite 267, Wilminton, DE 19808, USA.

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Pfizer Marketing Case Study Essay Sample. The objective of this portfolio is to analyze whether Pfizer Inc. is a market leader of producing ethical products in the pharmaceutical industry in Hong Kong. To achieve this objective, Pfizer needs to enlarge and rectify their marketing communications, (such as, adjust their promotional tools, differentiate their productsetc). Pfizer Inc. is established since 1849 by Charles Pfizer and Charles Earhart and up till now, it has 150 countries using their pharmaceutical products. The headquarters is located in victorian newspaper New York, NY(USA) and the research development location in England, Japan, France and USA respectively. 120,000 employees in world-wide. Stock exchange listings at the New York Stock Exchange (PFE), London (PFZ) Euronext and Swiss. In 2002, the revenues is up to USD$32.4 billions. Pfizer operations are established in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cuba, England, Mexico, Panama, and Puerto Rico. The variety of their pharmaceutical products is large which covers cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system diseases, genito-urinary system diseases, upper and lower respiratory system diseases.etc.

Hank McKinnell, Ph.D., Pfizers Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer leading a pharmaceutical company with $32.4 Billion revenues in 2002 and the Resources Development budget in 2003 is marx education $7.1 Billion. Pfizer Inc. started from a fine chemical company since 1849, then up till now with 120,000 employees in worldwide. Merger and acquisition allowed for victorian rapid growth and international expansion as more than 150 countries use their product brought into Hanks vision. Pfizer Inc., discovers, develops, manufacturers, and markets leading prescription medicine for humans and animals and many of the worlds best-known consumer brands. Our innovative, value-added products improve the quality of life of people around the world and help them enjoy longer, healthier, and more productive lives. Is Chocolate Addictive. The company has three business segments: health care, animal health and consumer health care. According to the figure from the Finanical Times (April 6th, 2000), the victorian, 3-top worldwide pharmaceutical companies in sales is from GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Pfizer and Merck (MSD) respectively.

However, in 2001, the top number one in sales is Pfizer and they maintain this top level for the next 2 years up till now. The main reason for what instrument the energy content of foods? their tremendous growth is that their key pharmaceutical products are able to improve the newspaper, quality of life of people. Those products are Aricept (donepezil hydrochloride) tablets, Celebux (celecoxib), Diflucan (fluconazole), Lipitor (atorvastatin calcium) tablets, Neurontin (gabapentin), Norvasc (amlodipine besylate), Viagra (sildenafil citrate) tablet, Zithromax (azithromycin), Zoloft (sertraline HCI) and Zyrtec (certirizone HCI). Research Development is a key factor that a pharmaceutical company must have. Hard Times Riassunto. Pfizer inc. spent USD7.1 billions in 2003 and this is the only pharmaceutical company that can spend this huge amount for R D. Mission: Pfizer Inc wants to become the worlds most valued company to patients, customers, colleagues, investors, business partners, and the communities where we work and live. Their aggressive attitude would lead them to fulfill the task. Purpose: Pfizer dedicates ourselves to humanitys quest for longer, healther, happier lives through innovation in pharmaceutical, consumer, and animal health products. Current Situation of Pfizer Inc. After the acquisition of victorian Pharmacia, Pfizer Inc. is now the number one in terms of corporate size and what instrument to measure the energy content of foods?, sales in the pharmaceutical industry. The expansion of Pfizer, whose strong performance and wellspring of skills promise greater benefits to millions and millions of people and victorian, their animals.

The expanded Pfizer is ready to master the challenges ahead, challenges that range from unlocking the Human Genome to bring lifesaving medicines to areas that have yet to see a paved road. Pfizer Inc. now has world-class capabilities in virtually every therapeutic category, providing everything from basic care for people and their animals.. to riassunto, the most serious and complex treatments for life-threatening conditions. Joining with Pharmacia moves Pfizer Inc. closer to that goal. Pfizer Inc. is now the undisputed leader in human pharmaceuticals, first in every major world market. Pfizer Inc. also has, by far, the worlds largest privately funded biomedical research group, visible around the newspaper, world and dickens, investing more than USD$100 millions every week discovering and newspaper, developing high-value medicines. Pfizer Inc. is recognized as the worlds most charitable company, donating more than USD$2 millions in money and medicine every working day to help people in need. Much of addictive their effort is devoted to newspaper, providing people in need more access to the medicines they need. The Pfizer brand now represents the efforts of more than 120,000 men and women responsible for many of the most important advances in human and educating, animal health. They are now the undisputed leader in their industry.

Their future, as one company, with a single purpose and mission, is sharply defined. Victorian. Pfizer Inc. wants to be the company that does more good, for addictive more people, than any other on the planet. To achieve our Purpose and Mission, we affirm our values of victorian newspaper Intergrity, Leadership, Innovation, Performance, Teamwork, Customer Focus, Respect for People and Community. We demand of ourselves and others the highest ethical standards, and addictive, our products and victorian newspaper, processes will be of highest quality. Innovation is the key to improving health and sustaining Pfizers growth and profitability. We recognize that people are the how many are in, cornerstone of newspaper Pfizers success, we value our diversity as a source of strength, and we are proud of Pfizers history of treating people with respect and educating, dignity.

We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of victorian our customers, and dickens riassunto, we constantly focus on customer satisfaction. We know that to be a successful company, we must work together by frequently transcending organizational and newspaper, geographical boundaries to meet the changing needs of our customers. We believe that leaders empower those around them by sharing knowledge and for scholarship, rewarding outstanding individual effort. Victorian Newspaper. Leaders are those who step forward to times dickens, achieve difficult goals, envisioning what needs to happen and motivating others. We strive for continuous improvement in our performance, measuring results carefully, and ensuring that integrity and respect for people are never compromised. We play an active role in making every country and community in which we operate a better place to victorian, live and work, knowing that the ongoing vitality of our host nations and local communities has a direct impact on the long-term health of our business. The rights of the Company: -To recruit the best professional people for the job. -To expect an excellence level of to measure the energy of foods? contribution, performance and commitment.

-To expect respect for it values. -To dismiss sales people when every cycle target did not meet. -To promise greater benefits to millions upon millions of people and their animals. The Responsibilities of the newspaper, Company. -To do the best to provide enough support for for scholarship their employees. -To train medical representatives for newspaper every new products to ensure the product knowledge is excellence.

-To educate employees about the companys business. -To provide adequate supportings such as leaflets, gimmicks.etc. -To listen, care and support. -To be honest to medical representatives about what price term they are offering to for scholarship examples, the doctors. -To carefully review every feed back from the medical representatives that the doctors advised.

Focus on victorian newspaper, Performance. Pfizer is now implementing a strategy to drive performance within the global business, building on the business model and management ethic that they applied in essay USA. The most important priority is to improve sales performance across the business through the launch of victorian newspaper new pharmaceutical products, keep on reminding doctors to continuously using existing products and try to times dickens, increase consumption and enlarge the OTC market. Pfizer is a strong and victorian newspaper, reliable brand, with a strong competitive position and examples, differentiated products into different types of diseases, especially in victorian newspaper cardiovascular and hematopoietic system diseases, which appeal to a wide customer base. However, Pfizer needs to communicate with their clients more effectively in order to times dickens riassunto, capitalize on their opportunities. Their current objective focuses heavily increasing profitability and sales volume of the new products of LIPITOR, NORVASC, CELEBREX and NEURONTIN. They are seeking increased efficiency through improving much better relationship with cardiovascular professors and victorian newspaper, specialists, the sales network in educating HA and reorganization of the structure of the company. Marketing Communication Planning Framework (MCPF)

The MCPF brings together the various elements into a logical sequence of activities where the victorian newspaper, rationale for promotional decisions is built upon information generated at a previous level in the framework. Another advantage of educating essay using the MCPF is that it provides a suitable checklist of activities that need to be considered. The MCPF represents a sequence of decisions that marketing managers undertake when preparing, implementing and evaluating communication strategies and plans. It does not mean that this sequence reflects reality; indeed many marketing decisions are made outside any recognizable framework. Marketing communications require the satisfaction of promotional objectives through the explicit and deliberate development of communication strategy. The MCPF will be used to show first the key elements, second some of the linkages and third the integrated approach that is newspaper required. Pfizer divides operations into two segments: pharmaceutical and consumer products. Most recent full fiscal year sales were $32.259 billions, with 91% from are in human and animal health products and 9% from confectionary, shaving products, and newspaper, pond and aquarium products: Animal health care4.5% Consumer healthcare 7.5% Shaving Products 2.0%

Tetra Pond and Aquarium 0.8% Total Consumer Products16.5% With the times dickens riassunto, acquisition of rival pharmaceutical firm Warner-Lambert in June 2000, driven by Pfizers desire to gain control of full profits from sales of Lipitor, Pfizer became the worlds largest ethical pharmaceutical (prescription drug) company based on sales. Pfizers impressive product portfolio, which includes five of the ten most prescribed medicines in the U.S. in 2001, is victorian also fairly well protected from generic competition over the next 5 years. The company has a presence in nine drug segments: *Cardiovascularincludes Lipitor, the worlds largest selling cholesterol lowering agent (sales of $6.4 billion in are in the axial 2001); and anti-hypertensives such as Norvasc (sales of $3.6 billion) Cardura ($552 million), and Accupril ($605 million) *Infectious Diseases Comprises Zithromax broad-spectrum quinilone antibiotic ($1.5 billion); anti-fungals Diflucan ($1.1 billion) and Vfend; and protease inhibitor Viracept for the treatment of HIV/AIDS ($364 million) *Central Nervous System Zoloft anti-depressant ($2.4 billion); Neurotonin anti-convulsant ($1.8 billion); Aricept, the worlds leading medicine for Alzheimers which is copromoted with Eisai Co. Ltd; Geodon, a new treatment for schizophrenia ($150 million) *Arthritis Celebrex and Bextra, copromoted with Pharmacia. *Urogenital Viagra ($1.5 billion) *Allergy Zyrtec, the most widely-used second generation antihistamine worldwide ($990 million) *Diabetes Glucotrol XL and Exubera. *Respiratory Diseases Spiriva, a one-day inhaled treatment for congestive obstructive pulmonary disorder, currently in an advanced stage of regulatory review in Europe. Metabolic Disorders Lasfoxifene for osteoporosis, currently in Phase 2 studies in the U.S.

Pfizer has built the victorian newspaper, worlds largest biomedical research and development organization to hard dickens, support its commitment to innovation, the major driver of the companys remarkable growth. The industry leader in RD investment, Pfizer boosted its investment in research to $4.87 billions in 2001, a 347% increase over the past 10 years with plans to victorian, increase research investment to over $5 billion in 2002. The Warner-Lambert acquisition allowed Pfizer to build on its significant advantage in research both by adding thousands of essays examples researchers and by providing expertise in newspaper several new areas: Pfizers library of karl education compounds effectively doubled, substantially increasing the likelihood of drug discovery. At the victorian, beginning of 2002, the company had 94 new compounds in development together with 68 projects devoted to expanding the uses of current drugs for essays examples 162 ongoing projects. Pfizers strong research focus positions the company to successfully respond to patent expiration and victorian, challenges from generics by extending the life of existing products via formula or compounding modifications or conversion to karl marx, over the counter (OTC) products.

Pfizers focus on RD is matched by victorian newspaper, an equally strong emphasis on marketing. The company promotes its human pharmaceutical products to health care providers including doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), and managed care organizations (MCOs.) Pfizer also promotes its products directly to consumers in the U.S. via direct-to-consumer (DTC) print and television advertising. Pfizer has responded to the Food and Drug Administrations 1997 decision to loosen restrictions on DTC advertising of for scholarship prescription drugs by increasing DTC promotional spending each year. The corporate goal is to become the most valued company in the world. Pfizers commitment to discovering and developing innovative treatments and victorian, cures for diseases has improved the lives of countless people around the for scholarship, world. Victorian. Pfizers delication to continually enhancing its pipeline ensures that it will set the standard in new and current therapeutic areas for the future. It is a push strategy. Pfizers strong marketing and sales operations have enabled the company to become the partner of choice for the marketing innovative products developed by how many the axial, others. Pfizer has been extremely skilled in newspaper creating alliances with other pharmaceutical companies via co-promotion agreements. Through co-promotion and hard times, licensing agreements, Pfizer promotes and markets such highly promising products as Celebrex, Bextra, Aricept, and so on with alliance partners.

Pfizer provides cash, staff, and other resources to victorian, further develop, market promote, and sell the products in exchange for a share of revenues. Sound clinical research is the cornerstone of Pfizer marketing and lays the foundation for communicating scientific data to healthcare professionals and consumers. Essay. Marketing and victorian, medical personnel work closely throughout the entire life cycle of a product to provide appropriate information to the customers. This partnership ensures that all medical information from Pfizer is how many the axial credible, relevant and useful to the healthcare professionals who use its products to victorian newspaper, care for their patients. Nowadays, in the pharmaceutical industry, it has 4 main target market groups and Pfizer is focusing on these areas. They are listed in details as follows:- i)Public Hospital under HA (Hospital Authority)s supervision. For example, Prince of Wale Hospital, Ruttonjee Hospital, Queen Mary Hospital.etc.

ii)Private Hospital such as St. Tersea Hospital, Evangel Hospital, Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital, Union Hospitaletc. iii)All General Practitioners (private doctors) and Specialists (such as Paediatrics, O G, Surgery.etc) iv)OTC market, such as dispensary, Watson, Manningetc. Pfizer concluded that frequently transcending organizational and geographical boundaries to meet the changing needs of our customers was important to their target audience, and would therefore, be a relevant and effective point of differentiation versus their competitors. Karl. Pfizers Research Development department keeps on focusing on developing the medicines for coronary diseases, like the successful case of LIPITOR and NORVASC developed that is sharing at least 50% of the Pfizers total business per annum. The strategic of enlarging their selling network through different media such as magazine and public relations activities that identity themselves as a top-class pharmaceutical company in coronary diseases in victorian newspaper world-wide other than the how many bones the axial, other competitors like AstraZeneca and Novartis. Because medicine development for coronary diseases is still the priority in the pharmaceutical market now. Marketing Plans Marketing Mix (4Ps Product, Price, People and Place)

For pricing strategy, as Pfizer Inc is victorian newspaper selling ethical products. Once a new pharmaceutical product is developed, Pfizer will buy patent for various contents, such as, ingredient, packing, trade name, dosage.etc so the other pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to produce and sell within the is chocolate, patent period. Usually, the patent is at least for 5 years or even longer. In other words, Pfizer is okay to sell any price as they want because doctors can not find substitution if they really need that product. According to economic theory, Pfizer is in newspaper a monopolistic market. Following is a table showing the pricing strategy of one of the Pfizers key product (ZITHROMAX) for different target market groups. ProductPublic HospitalPrivate HospitalGeneral PraditionersOTC. Zithromax HK$5.00 HK$8.00 HK$9.00 HK$13.00 HK$15.00. (250mg per marx capsule)

The above price unit is based on Hong Kong Dollar . This price is just for reference as it will increase or decrease depends on market conditions. As above shown, the price range of newspaper a key product from Pfizer is quite large. The percentage in between the essays for scholarship examples, lowest and the highest price can be 200%. As Public Hospital requires more consumption, the newspaper, selling price would be lower while OTC market can sell high retail price so the price Pfizer sells to them should be higher. However, for for scholarship examples General Practitioners, the price is flexible and the range is large. It all depends on the relationship between the victorian newspaper, medical representatives and the doctors and the monthly consumption. Furthermore, for public hospitals, the price should sell higher as public hospitals fee is expensive than public hospitals. For every product Pfizer sells to people, it has fixed term.

That is, buy 2 box of medicine with 1 box bonus, bonus would be more if purchase more. It is not allowed to sell in net price. Different market groups will have different price term as the above table clearly indicated. For example, anti-inflammatory medicine, COX 2 class, the price of is chocolate addictive one capsule Pfizer sells to doctors is victorian newspaper approximately HK$5.50 while the price at OTC market is more than HK$10. Thats why the essays, 2002 revenue in Hong Kong is more than 1 billion and keeps on having health growth for 2003. Every year, Pfizer spends a lot of money on Resources Development (2003 R D budget USD$7.1 billions), usually it has 2-3 new products developed. The variety of their pharmaceutical products is newspaper very large which covers cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system diseases, genito-urinary system diseases, upper and lower respiratory system diseases, neuropathic pain diseases, histamine diseases.etc.

We are now listing the key product of each diseases group as followings:- For cornary diseases. LIPITOR, Generic: Atorvastatin Ca. Indication: Adjunct to addictive, diet to reduce elevated total C, LDC-C, apo B and newspaper, TG levels and to increase HDL-C in patients with primary hypercholesterolaemia (heterozygous familial non-familial) and hard times, mixed dyslipidaemia (Fredrickson Types IIa IIb). Reduces total-C LDL-C in newspaper patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia as an adjinct to other lipid-lower treatments or if patients are unavailable. Treatment of such patients with elevated TG levels (Fedrickson Type IV) and patients with dysbetalipoproteinaemia (Fedrickson Type III) who do not respond adequately to diet. NORVASC, Generic: Amlodipine besylate. Indication: 1st line treatment of hypertension.

1st line treatment of myocardial ischemia, whether due to fixed obstruction (stable angina) /or vasospasm / vasoconstriction (Printzmetals or varlant angina) of coronary vasculature. For central nervous system diseases. CELEBREX, Generic: Celecoxib. Indication: Relief of signs symptoms of osteoarthritis RA in adults. For genito-urinary system diseases. VIAGRA, Generic: Sidenafil Citrate.

Indication: Erection difficulties, such as erectile dysfunction (ED). For upper and lower respiratory diseases. ZITHROMAX, Generic: Azithromycin Dihydrate. Dickens Riassunto. Indication: Upper Lower resp tract infection, skin soft tissue infection otitis media. Victorian. Uncomplicated STD caused by Chlamydia trachomatis or susceptible Neisseria gonorrhoea Mycobacterium avium-intacellulare complex (MAC) prophylaxis. For neuropathic diseases. NEURONTIN, Generic: Gabapentin.

Indication: Adjunctive treatment of partial seizures with without secondary generalization in adults children. For histamine diseases. ZYRTEC, Generic: Cetirizine HCI. Indication: perennial or seasonal allergic rhinitis, acute chronic urticaria other allergic dermatological disorder, allergic conjunctivitis. The product packaging is all in blister pack that is convenient for any patients to take. Product form is in capsule, tablet, supension, zyrup.etc for different patients. For example, for children in between 2 4 years, doctors would prefer to give zyrup or supension rather than capsule or tablet.

For all capsules and tablets, they should have the name Pfizer and are in, the dosage (= mini-gram) indicated and also the generic name and victorian, trade name of that product are clearly printed at the back side of the blister. Essay. Also, clear instruction / indication paper is to be inserted inside every medicine box. Supension and zyrup are with instruction / indication label to be printed on the outside of the bottle. Pfizer Incs Hong Kong office is victorian newspaper called Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited and marx education, the location is at Stanhope House, North Point. Victorian Newspaper. It is located in is chocolate addictive the commercial area that other top pharmaceutical companies like Aventis, Merck Sharp Dohme, Astra Zenecaetc are all located. The Hong Kong office is victorian Pfizer Incs own office. For every countries in world-wide market, Pfizer should have their office there and will not adopt agent or distribution for selling their products. Pfizer will not keep stocks at their end. Essays Examples. They assigned a distributor called Zuelling in Hong Kong to keep stocks and distribute products to Doctors, Hospitals and OTC market.

Commission is 5% per each order. The network of Zuelling is large in Hong Kong, other than Pfizer, they have other clients, such as, Aventis, AstraZeneca, GSK.etc using their services. Zuelling also acts as a collector for Pfizer to get payments from target market groups every month. Usually, the payment term is victorian 30 days after the delivery of the products. Once the medical representatives received the sales orders from clients, it takes a maximum of 2 days for delivery no matter at country side or downtown. The logistic from Pfizer is quite simply as all products are centralized to be manufactured in the U.S.A. and essays for scholarship, import to Hong Kong and store at Zuellings warehouse for victorian delivery. For OTC market, such as, registered dispensary, every districts in educating Hong Kong should have registered dispensary so people is easily to purchase its products.

Or, visit Mannings or Watsons with dispensary for purchasing. Both Watsons and newspaper, Mannings have more than each 100 shops in Hong Kong. Pfizer has already assigned Zuelling as their appointed agent to sell their products to the OTC markets. For General Practitioners and dickens riassunto, Specialists, according to the statistical figure from 2002 (source from the website: http://www/, Hong Kong has more than 10,000 GP and victorian newspaper, 3,000 specialists so the distribution channel is rather extensive. They should have stock for regular medicine or, if no stock for some products, doctors would give paper for patient to purchase from the OTC market, such as, at the Watsons shop and registered dispensary Of course, in public and private hospitals, all medicine should be fully stock and is directly purchased from Pfizer not through agent. For OTC market, Pfizer advertises on newspapers, magazines and uses outside media (such as advertising at the gateway of MTR inside), especially for key pharmaceutical products.

Pfizer also have advertisements at essays for scholarship examples newspapers and popular magazines. Like the cardiovascular medicine LIPITOR, people usually see their advertisement when reading newspapers and victorian, popular magazines. As cardiovascular diseases is a long-term diseases, people usually purchases outside after visited GP or Specialists several times in order to reduce the how many bones the axial skeleton, costs of medicine. For doctors, Pfizer spends a lot money for advertisments, such as small catalogs, relevant posters, printed 3D diagram regarding the victorian, specified product because doctor is their main customer. Once the patient sees those things inside the clinic, they would have more knowledge about the product and build in the confidence of using the times dickens riassunto, product. The image of Pfizer is good for cardiovascular and antibiotics products as their strength is in developing medicine of these two classes in the coming year, Pfizers R D is focusing in this development in order to build up loyalty and confidence between people and the company. Pfizer keeps on having sales promotion since each year is having 2-3 new products developing. The sales promotion focuses to Hospitals and General Practitoners. Victorian. Before the new product is going to be launched, Pfizer should announce several relevant details to these people first and advice them necessary supporting. Once launched, clinical study paper and samples should be passed to karl marx, the doctors when medical representatives visiting them. For antibiotics, they are classified into 4 groups which is victorian Penicillins, Quinolones, Macrolides and Cephalosporins.

Every people should have resistance for that medicine if usually taking the same antibiotics, thats why Pfizer keeps on developing new antibiotics from time to time. So, sales promotion is hard times riassunto very important for Pfizer to launch their new product. Just give an victorian newspaper, example, Klacid and Zithromax are antibiotics under the same group of Macrolides but Klacid is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories Limited while Zithromax is from Pfizer Corporation. Klacid has been launched earlier than Pfizer but due to the aggressive spirit of sales promotion (selling point: shorter treatment course than Klacid which takes 3 days maximum and hard, can specific to use one gram (= 4 capsules) for non-gonorrhoea diseases) from Pfizers medical representatives, the market share of Zithromax in victorian newspaper Hong Kong is educating essay increasing now. Pfizer has employed more than 100 medical representatives in victorian the Hong Kong office and divided into several groups for different products and essays for scholarship examples, target clients. Sampling is a must for doctors to considerate whether to victorian, stock the product or not. Dickens. No matter selling Hospitals or General Practitioners, it should provide samples to newspaper, doctors for trying. For public hospitals under Hospital Authoritys supervision, medical representatives need to do pre-call and post-call to gradually approach the doctors for selling the products.

For General Practitioners and Specialists, face to face conversation to analyze the rita essay, products is the regular process for selling. Of course, both clients are needed to victorian newspaper, provide leaflets, gimmick, D/Aetc when make necessary selling. Pfizers medical representatives have been fully trained about the pharmaceutical products and the background of the company. Product training has been provided to each medical representative to ensure that their knowledge is accurate. This is to enable them to better provide clients on the doubts that they have. Overall, it can be said that Pfizers medical representatives are qualified, experienced, dedicated and motivated to help the clients. Marketing Public Relations. Publicity communicates a story the public wants to know. Are In The Axial Skeleton. Stories are everywhere, in newspaper every organization. These stories are waiting to be told and made available to the media.

Effective publicity can build brand identity and brand loyalty. Rita. A good public image established through positive publicity, equals greater profitability. Victorian Newspaper. How and what your company conveys will inevitably contribute to your organizations success, as well as to its reputation. For every quarter of is chocolate addictive a year, Pfizer will arrange booth at the Hong Kong Exhibition Center for a year. It should across week end in order to let more family to visit the booth thus deliver health care message about popular diseases such as hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia.etc. Victorian Newspaper. It also advises necessary prevention and let more people to know Pfizers new products. Sometimes, Pfizer will invite Specialists to join the booth to present talk-show to hard times riassunto, people regarding the benefits of using Pfizers products.

For public vehicles, motor-bus is the transportation tools that most people chooses other than MTR. Due to rapidly modernization, all air-conditioned motor-bus is victorian newspaper with mini television installed. Road Show channel is popular now. However, Pfizer did not hard-sell their products through Road Show channel. They designed a film show that a patient visits a Cardiovascular Specialist consulting about cholesterolaemia and the Specialist detailly analyses the whole process of checking the diseases and advise prevention and necessary treatment. The sponsor of the film is Pfizer Corporation and the web-site of Pfizer will be disclosed at the end of the film show. So, people will contact them accordingly once they have further queries. The above promotional tools shows more direct contact in between people and pharmaceutical company that is more convenient to get brief information / knowledge rather than through doctors. Personal selling (Face to Face meeting) 1.Personal meeting is easily for medical representatives to introduce the new products to the doctors in hard times dickens details. Especially for the products for some special treatment, it needs time (might be at least 4-5 meetings) to clearly explain to the doctors how to use the medicine and victorian newspaper, what benefit to the patients in is chocolate compare to other competitors and victorian newspaper, relevant side-effect.

Face to. face conversation gives audience significant confidence for what instrument is used to measure the energy content products selling. 2.Easily to build relationship for direct selling as medical representatives can directly get in newspaper touch with the addictive, end-user. For Pharmaceutical industry, convincing doctors to victorian, shift to use your product if they are using another competitor is how many are in skeleton difficult than to sell them a new product. So, once the product is sold and victorian newspaper, with good-relationships with the clients, the business will be in a cycle as repeat order keeps on running. 3.Can get more market information (or competitors info) from essays doctors. Will help company to change strategic and tactics in the market.

1.High operational cost as it is costly to hire a medical representative. Basic salary just for a junior representative plus traveling allowance, it costs at victorian newspaper least HK$17,000.00 per month. With commission that the target per month is met, the expense should be over the axial HK$20,000.00 per month. In compare with other industries, salary in pharmaceutical industry is high. 2.Doctors only see medical representatives at victorian most of the time so relationship is easily to be built in between these two parties.

Company will highly rely on sales representatives to get orders. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to control in case some representatives have harsh requirement thus affect the content of foods?, operation of the company. 1.Pfizer always advertised on several hit magazines for their key products so more people knows their product and will consult physicians when necessary. Right now, people is victorian newspaper easily to get updated info through different media and they would have brief knowledge about some new pharmaceutical products so advertisement at instrument is used to measure the energy content of foods? magazines is newspaper a good strategic to increase the selling network. 2.Long life as people might pass to their friends, relatives and families to re-read thus enlarge the selling network because more people will have further knowledge and understanding about Pfizers pharmaceutical products. 3.Cost is cheaper than advertising at addictive Television but the feed back is victorian newspaper also efficient in compare with TV advertisement. The variety of magazines in Hong Kong is quite large, from younger magazines up to luxury magazines so people from different level might see the hard times riassunto, AD. 1.As the cost of advertising at magazines is calculated based on words counting, it is not possible to fully advertise everything of that product on the AD so people might have queries or considerations to directly purchase the product.

2.It loses the opportunity to demonstrate the victorian, product fully and can not see the actual product (such as size, packing.etc) and no sample to be provided to try. As the product is medicine, people should be more careful before buying. 3.For some hit magazines like fashion and cosmetic, audiences attention should focus on what the marx education, magazine attracts and victorian newspaper, might neglect such advertisements that selling medicine. People might have no interest on that kind of AD. Advertisement at MTR station inside. 1.More than 20% of Hong Kong people is taking MTR for work so advertising inside MTR station will draw peoples attention for Pfizers product. Essays Examples. As the design of the AD is quite interest and presentable, people might remember after seen one time.

2.Cost is victorian not so expensive in compare with other media like TV and magazines. Right now, in Hong Kong, it has trend for advertising inside MTR. 3.Not like TV advertisements, different time period will have different charges due to different level of marx education audience rate. However, it has fixed charges for advertising inside MTR no matter in the morning or evening, as long as the MTR is opened so the audience coverage would be bigger but, on the other hand, Pfizer would save some money on advertising. 1.Short life as MTR has fixed advertising period for every company that advertises inside MTR. Usually, it lasts for 1-2 weeks maximum. So, it will not draw some peoples attention in case they miss the chance while Pfizer advertising.

2.In comparison with TV advertisements, advertises inside MTR does not have action, and not so exciting. TV can generate attention-grabbing scenes, establish a mood to complement a product images or fully demonstrate a products benefit. However, advertisement inside MTR can not do so. Booth and public talk. 1.Provide more confidence to victorian, the people about Pfizers products because they will invite relevant doctors and specialists for talk-show. People can see the actual product at the booth, more understanding about the dosage and side-effect, make demonstration through video tape so people will have more understandings and knowledges about what that product. Plus the professional advice, confidence will be built up. 2.For easy communication, during the booth, people will immediately raise up questions once they have queries and the doctors will reply them directly thus avoid misunderstandings through other media. 3.More attractive as booth is alive with action, more exciting and newspaper, entertaining than those in any other medium.

1.This kind of function is hard times dickens not so often. Only 1-2 times per year. Victorian. Also, it is not so convenient to invite doctors or specialists to educating essay, join from time to time as they have their own work. Without doctors support, confidence would be less. 2.Cost is not cheap as it needs to book the Hong Kong Exhibition Center and Government does not have any sponsorship. 3.It involves a lot of manpower to arrange the booth, at least the teammate of that product including product manager and sales manager need to attend.

In view of this, it reduce the victorian, power for direct selling to private doctors and hospitals. Conclusion and Recommendation. Basically, Pfizer is a very aggressive pharmaceutical company as you will see that they are the no.1 in sales starting from 2001 and maintain for 2 years up till now. Is Used. Their strong Resources Development department focusing the need of the pharmaceutical industry and creating up to date products for todays market. Every topest doctor is victorian newspaper willing to use Pfizers product as it represents they are the leader in the pharmaceutical industry but on the other hand, the price is times riassunto quite expensive. As Pfizer is so aggressive, the consumption no matter for hospitals and private doctors has already been over the target of the following years so it is quite difficult to have further growth. If the company keeps on victorian newspaper, adding target to medical representatives, the essays examples, outcome would become negative.

So, Pfizer is better to slow down their strategic a little bit that to let the outside consumption to be digest first than to victorian, make further increment. Outside competitor like AstraZeneca is following Pfizers strategic to expand their business. AstraZeneca is content of foods? very famous in newspaper United Kingdom and going to increase the market share in Hong Kong so Pfizer needs to karl marx education, aware this competitor and make necessary arrangements. Fill, Chris, (2002) Marketing Communications: Context, Strategies and Applications, Third Edition, England: Prentice Hall. Pfizer Inc, Internet: . [Accessed on October November 2003] Is this the victorian newspaper, perfect essay for you? Save time and order Pfizer Marketing Case Study. essay editing for only $13.9 per page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Pfizer Marketing Case Study. 1.What is the difference between product range and product mix?

Product range refers to rita essay, the different types of products within one category. For example, in the category of soft drinks Marketing Assessment Britvic Case Study. 1. Characteristics of the marketing concept. The Selling Concept This concept doesnt primarily focus on new consumer wants or desires but focuses on the selling and promotion of newspaper a Company Overview: Pfizer is an international pharmaceutical company and educating, is considered one of the leading companies in this industry with Lipitor and Viagra as its most known manufactured drugs. The Eli Lily Case Study.

1) Did Eli Lilly pursue the right strategy to enter the Indian market? It was a right strategy for victorian newspaper Eli Lilly that started a joint venture with Ranbaxy to enter Avon Case Study- International marketing. When David McConnell founded his company, Avon was first known as the education, California Perfume Company. Victorian Newspaper. The company was named Avon in 1939, as a tribute to what to measure content, his favorite writer, William The Marketing Mix of victorian Avon Company.

I am to evaluate the marketing mix for the company of Avon. I will examine in detail the target audience, the product line, packaging, pricing, and how the product is

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Resume Template 781+ Free Samples, Examples Format Download! If youre aiming to get hired in your dream company working your dream job, well youre going to have to make sure you have a dream resume to help get you through the finish-line ahead of the rest of the competition. A resume is more than just a document which tells your employer how qualified, experienced and skilled you. A resume is a summarized extension of ones professional persona, and presentation makes all the difference! You can also see resume template . You may not be creatively equipped or trained to write an appealing cover letter. This is victorian, where extra set of guidelines come into play.

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Miseries of a Resume Template Hunter, and HOW helps! Chances are that when you Google your way to a Blank Resume Template , you will find yourselves swamped with dozens of links that lead to websites promising moon and stars. Ironically, most of these websites hardly have anything agreeable to offer. You might just be lucky enough to newspaper, hit upon a couple of pages having few good examples to showcase, but nothing substantial. Look up the 771+ Classy Resume Templates that offers you right on this page.

Most of educating rita essay these free resume templates are flexible enough to be double up as functional resume template and chronological resume template ; of course, you have all the flexibility to tweak them to your liking. Separating the newspaper, GREAT Template out of the good ones. Does the number 771+ sound a lot? Heres some help on times finding the one thats tailor made for you. Hunt for a Professional Resume Template thats appropriate for your industry; trust classic and victorian newspaper, sombre templates for how many skeleton, old established industries such as manufacturing, and dare to experiment with cheekier templates for start-ups. Spend some thoughts on identifying the most relevant skills that an interviewer or evaluator will like to see in you. Then pick a template that conveys similar attributes about victorian newspaper, you. Trust your gut and look for a template that you think does justice to how many are in skeleton, your personality and a best blend of everything that a resume needs to be.

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The format is of professional nature and is thus extremely important for all of those who are not sure of which format they must use while framing a resume. Victorian Newspaper! Resume formats can be easily found and downloaded from the web. [ 41+ Best Resume Formats Download ]

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access phd thesis british library. How will I be able to send my case study/articles/materials to victorian newspaper the writer? You are able to upload any additional materials for the writer, be it a draft, an outline, or some reading material, at the stage of filling out for scholarship your order form. What is the format of your custom essays? There are several formatting styles you can choose from when placing an order (MLA, APA, Chicago / Turabian or Not applicable), and you will be getting a paper properly formatted in accordance with the rules of this particular style. In case you do not need any heading, title page, or references formatted (for example, if you are ordering a resume), you should choose the victorian Not applicable option, and the paper will be presented in a plain MS Word document. If you forgot your password, please click on what is used to measure the energy of foods? the link Forgot Password, which is located below the Login button on the website's login page. Is it free to submit an order on WriteMyEssayOnline? Yes, you can fill out an victorian newspaper, order form and submit your order for all writers to check. Educating Essay! You can also ask writers to provide you with a short (around 100 words) introduction to victorian check their writing skills and karl marx, choose the best writer.

Only when you are ready to assign a writer, you deposit the victorian newspaper necessary amount to your balance and these funds get reserved for the order. Yes, the company is socially responsible and essays for scholarship examples, adheres to established general social morals and tenets. Victorian! That is why we do not provide papers on what of foods? some controversial topics, namely: If an order falls under one of these controversial topics, it will be automatically cancelled. Can I get online tests done by your writers, such as multiple choice tests, check boxes, T/F, etc? We believe it is the responsibility of students to pass tests on their own, whether online or on paper. Newspaper! In terms of a multiple choice test or any other kind of online tests, it is quite difficult to bones are in assess how a writer of ours would do on one. Newspaper! If you have ordered us to complete an exam, it will be automatically cancelled. Including orders to complete tests, do not share any personal information with us. Times Riassunto! It can compromise your own security and possibly your standing in your educational institution. When you initially fill out the order form, you select the deadline by newspaper, which you need the paper completed.

Unless you later negotiate this information with the writer in addictive chat, you paper will be completed by victorian newspaper, this initial deadline. However, please note that if your deadline has changed to educating a shorter one, we strongly encourage you to inform your writer in advance, since he or she might have a tight schedule and a heavy work load. Once the victorian newspaper writer is paid for the whole order, you have a chance to download your final paper in addictive one of two formats: either as an MS Word document, or as a .pdf file. The corresponding buttons will automatically appear on your personal order webpage, so you will have to click on victorian newspaper one of the buttons and save the file on times riassunto your computer. How can I modify my initial order requirements? Once you have published your order and the writers have started applying for it, you can still change your order details, such as the number of pages, the title, or the instructions for your paper. In order to do so, you can click on the Edit order details button on your order page.

However, please note that in case the deadline, the newspaper number of pages, or the title of the the axial order has been modified, all writers' bids will automatically be considered outdated. If you would like to victorian newspaper modify instructions at a later stage, when the writer was already assigned to work on what is used the energy content of foods? your order, you will have to communicate to the writer in chat and discuss any changes to your initial order instructions that you wish to make. If you do not like what the writer has written, we recommend you to communicate your comments to the writer with no hesitation, while the order is still in victorian newspaper progress, so that the writer does not have to start anew later on. You can instantly let the writer know whether he or she is doing something wrong or guide him or her in educating a different direction via chat communication. However, once the newspaper order is fully completed and the writer has been paid the what instrument to measure the energy content of foods? whole amount of the bid, you will not be able to have the paper revised within this order any longer, since the order is automatically set on Finished status. What you can do in such a case is newspaper, place an order for is chocolate, editing or rewriting. What is a rewriting and editing service? Rewriting and editing services are necessary when you already have a draft or the whole paper completed and would like our writer to improve its content.

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customs article The 27th of November, 2010 N 311-FL. ABOUT CUSTOMS REGULATION IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. by the State Duma on the 19th of November, 2010. Approved by the Federation Council on the 24th of November, 2010. Section VII. THE PECULIARITIES OF CARRYING OUT CUSTOMS OPERATIONS FOR THE CERTAIN CATEGORIES OF GOODS. Chapter 42.

THE MEASURES FOR THE PROTECTION OF THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. Article 305. Newspaper! The reasons of taking measures for the protection of intellectual property rights by the Customs authorities. The Customs authorities take measures for the protection of intellectual property rights connected with the suspension of the release of the goods in accordance with chapter 46 of the Customs code of the Customs Union and this chapter. The measures for the protection of the intellectual property rights are taken with regard to addictive, the goods, containing the items of victorian newspaper, copyright and related rights, trademarks, service marks and names of places of the goods origin (hereinafter referred to karl, as intellectual property item), included in the Customs register of intellectual property items as per newspaper the right holders application. The Customs authorities have the right to is chocolate addictive, take measures to protect intellectual property rights without the right holders application pursuant to this chapter. Article 306. Submitting of an application by a right holder and the procedure of its consideration. The right holder, having reasonable grounds to think that there can be a violation of his rights in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation in connection with the bringing the goods into the Russian Federation or transporting them out victorian, of the Russian Federation or while performing other actions with the goods, being under the customs control, has the right to submit to the Federal Executive authority, authorized in the sphere of Customs Affairs, the application about including the appropriate intellectual property item into the Customs register of intellectual property items. The actions, stipulated by the customs legislation of the Customs Union and this Federal law, on behalf of the right holder can be carried out by his representative. The application about the for scholarship examples inclusion of intellectual property item into the Customs register of intellectual property items must contain the data: about the right holder and if the application is submitted by his representative, about the representative as well;

2) about victorian newspaper, intellectual property; about the goods, bringing of which into the Russian Federation or transporting them out of the Russian Federation or making the other actions with them when they are under the customs control in the right holders opinion cause the violation of his rights, quite detailed to enable the Customs authorities to identify such goods; about the timing, during which the customs authorities will be taking measures, connected with suspension of release of the examples goods. To the application there should be attached the documents, confirming the right for the intellectual property item (the certificate, the agreement on the alienation of the newspaper exclusive right, the agreement about how many are in, granting the exclusive license, the other documents which the right holder can submit to confirm his rights for victorian the intellectual property items) and if the application is filed by the representative, the letter of attorney, issued by the right holder to such a person, is attached to the indicated application as well. Times Dickens! The right holder can attach to the application the specimens of the goods that can serve as a confirmation of the existing, in his opinion, fact of the violation of the victorian newspaper right holders rights for the intellectual property items. Educating Rita! The procedure for filing an application, the newspaper requirements to the declared data and to the submitted documents, depending on the type of the times riassunto intellectual property item are determined by the Federal authority of the victorian newspaper executive power, authorized in the sphere of educating, customs. To the application there attached the right holders written commitment about compensation of damage to newspaper, property that can be caused to the declarant, to the owner, to the recipient of the goods or to other people in connection with the suspension of the release of the goods. The Federal authority of the executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs, is reviewing the application within the timing, not exceeding one month from the essays for scholarship date of receipt of the application, and shall decide on taking the measures, connected with the suspension of the release of the goods, or on the refusal to take such measures and to include the intellectual property item into the Customs register of intellectual property items. In order to check validity of the information, submitted by victorian newspaper, the right holder, the Federal body of executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs, shall have the right to request the right holder (his representative), the third parties, as well as the state authorities to provide the documents, confirming the declared data. The required documents must be submitted within 10 days of receiving the request.

At that the Federal body of executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs, has right to extend the term of reviewing the application, but for not more than one month. Essays For Scholarship Examples! Reviewing of the application can be suspended if the right holder (or his representative) has not provided the victorian newspaper requested documents, essential for making the decision. At that the overall term of reviewing the application cannot be more than three months. Karl! If the right holder (his representative) has not provided the requested documents the application shall be considered to be withdrawn and it is not subject to further reviewing, the right holder (his representative) is notified about it in the written form or in newspaper, electronic form. The decision not to take measures, connected with the suspension of the is chocolate addictive release of the goods and to include intellectual property item into victorian the Customs register of the intellectual property items, shall be made if the submitted documents do not confirm that the applicant has the rights for intellectual property or if the applicant submits inauthentic data. The decision to refuse to include the item of intellectual property into the Customs register of intellectual property items is also made in case of right holders failure to comply with the educating rita requirement, established by part 2 of article 307 of this Federal law. Newspaper! The right holder shall be informed about the decision in the written form or in electronic form within three days from the date of making such a decision. In case of changing the data, indicated in the application or in the documents, attached to it, the right holder is obliged to immediately inform about it the Federal body of executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs.

Article 307. The Customs register of intellectual property items. 1. The items of copyright, the subject matters of neighboring rights, trademarks, service marks and names of the origin of the is chocolate goods in respect of which the Federal body of newspaper, executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs, made the decision to take measures, connected with the suspension of the release of the goods are included into hard times dickens the Customs register of intellectual property items. Inclusion into the register is free of newspaper, charge. The Federal body of executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs, is record-keeping the register in the manner, established by this authority.

2. The intellectual property items, in respect of which the Federal body of executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs, made the decision to take the measures, connected with the suspension of the what is used the energy content of foods? release of the goods, are included into the register, provided that the victorian newspaper right holder insured the risk of liability for the damage in favor of people, indicated in part 5 of article 306 of this Federal law. How Many Skeleton! At that the insured amount must be not less than 300 000 rubles. 3. If the right holder has not submitted into the Federal body of executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs, the insurance contract (the insurance policy), the risk of liability for the damage in favor of people, indicated in part 5 of article 306 of this Federal law, within one month from the date of notification about the victorian newspaper taken decision about taking measures, connected with the to measure the energy suspension of the release of the goods, the above-indicated Federal authority makes the decision to refuse the inclusion of the intellectual property item into the register. 4. The intellectual property is excluded from the victorian register if there are at least one of the hard times following reasons: 1) the right holders submission of the application about excluding the intellectual property item from the register;

2) the right holders failure to comply with the condition, called for in part 2 of this article; 3) the termination of the legal protection of the intellectual property item in the established manner; 4) revealing the inauthentic information, submitted while applying for the inclusion of the intellectual property item into the register. 4.1. The Federal body of executive power, authorized in victorian, the sphere of is chocolate addictive, customs, shall have the right to request the right holder (his representative), the third parties, as well as the victorian state authorities, to provide the documents, confirming the rationales, indicated in items 2-4 of part 4 of this article.

2 Changes can be entered into the register on the basis of the information received from: 1) from the right holder about the change of the information, indicated in the application about the educating rita essay inclusion of the intellectual property item into the register or in newspaper, the documents, attached to it; 2) from the law enforcement agencies or the other state agencies, as well as from the individuals or legal entities that the people, indicated in the register as the right holders, are deprived of the rights or restricted in the rights for the item of the intellectual property. 3) Entering changes into the register is carried out on the basis of the decision of the Federal body of executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs. 4) Entering changes into the register can be preceded by verification of the received information on the basis of the decision of the Federal body of times riassunto, executive power, authorized in the sphere of newspaper, customs, the right holder and the Customs authorities shall be notified about it not later than one working day after making the appropriate decision. At the time of the checking the taking of measures, connected with the suspension of the hard times dickens release of the goods, containing such item of intellectual property, is not carried out by the customs authorities. 5) The period, for which the item of intellectual property is entered into newspaper the register, can be suspended for the time, necessary for checking, but for no more than two months. 6) The Federal body of executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs, provides publication of the data of the register in its official publications and posting them on its official website in education, the information and telecommunication network Internet in victorian newspaper, accordance with the procedure, established by it.

Article 308. The suspension of the release of the goods, containing items of the intellectual property, not entered into the register. 1 The Customs authorities have the how many are in the axial right to suspend the release of the goods, containing items of the victorian newspaper intellectual property, not entered into the register, in case of detecting signs of violation of the intellectual property rights and in case of availability of the information about the right holder (his representative) at the territory of the Russian Federation. The Customs authorities have the right to request the right owner to provide the information, required for karl marx the exercise of the powers, provided for in this article. In case of suspension of the release of the victorian newspaper goods in accordance with this article the Customs authorities not later than the next day after the addictive day of the suspension of the release of the goods shall inform the right holder and the declarant. 2 The release of goods is suspended for seven working days. The customs authority has the right to extend the indicated timing but for no more than 10 working days, if the right holder has sent an appeal to the customs body in writing about such an victorian extension and submitted to the Federal body of executive power, authorized in the sphere of customs, the application about the inclusion of the relevant intellectual property item into the register in accordance with article 306 of this Federal law. 3 The right holder is entitled to how many are in the axial, receive from the customs body the information about the goods in respect of which it was decided to newspaper, suspend the release in for scholarship examples, accordance with this article, as well as to take samples and specimens of such goods.

4 The decision to victorian newspaper, suspend the release of the dickens goods shall be canceled prior to the expiration of the suspension of the release of the goods, if the information, available to the customs body about the right holder has not been confirmed or the right holder addressed to newspaper, the customs authority with a request to cancel such a decision, as well as in the case, provided for in article 310 of this Federal law. If until the expiration of the suspension of the release of the goods the right holder has not fulfilled the conditions, set forth in part 2 of this article, or the authorized body has not made the decision to withdraw the goods, to arrest or to confiscate them, the release of the goods is carried out in the manner, established by the customs legislation of the Customs Union and this Federal law. 5 The measures, provided for in this article, are not applied in respect of the goods, containing items of intellectual property, on which the addictive measures were taken earlier in accordance with this article. Article 309. Victorian Newspaper! The timing of making decisions by educating rita essay, the Customs authorities about taking the measures, connected with the suspension of the release of the goods. The decisions of the victorian newspaper Customs authorities to suspend the release of the goods, about the karl marx extension of newspaper, timing of the addictive suspension of the release of the goods, about victorian, canceling the decision to suspend the release of the goods, as well as about granting the right for information and taking samples and specimens shall be taken by the customs body no later than the next working day from the date of revealing signs of violations of intellectual property rights, coming of the instrument the energy content corresponding written appeal or performing the other action, being the basis for making the corresponding decision.

Article 310. The placement of the goods, output of which is suspended under the customs procedure of elimination. During the period of suspension of the release of the goods in accordance with article 331 of the Customs code of the Customs Union or article 308 of this Federal law the declarant with the written consent of the right holder to eliminate the goods can declare the customs procedure for the elimination of the goods, the release of which is suspended. In this case the decision of the customs authority to suspend release of the goods shall be subject to cancellation. Appendix to the Contract about the Customs code of the Customs Union, enacted by the Decision of the Interstate Council of the Eurasian Economic Community.

(The Supreme body of the Customs Union) at the level of the heads of the states as. of the 27th of November, 2009 N 17. THE CUSTOMS CODE OF THE CUSTOMS UNION. CHAPTER 46. THE PECULIARITIES OF CARRYING OUT CUSTOMS. OPERATIONS RELATED TO THE GOODS, CONTAINING. THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ITEMS. Article 328. The measures for the protection of the intellectual property rights, taken by the Customs authorities. The Customs authorities, within the limits of their competence, take measures for the protection of the right holders rights for the intellectual property items in the manner, established by this chapter. The measures for the protection of the intellectual property items rights are not applied by the Customs authorities in respect of the goods, transferred across the customs border: by individuals for personal use, including those that have been sent to their address in international mails; in accordance with the customs procedure of Customs transit; by victorian, the diplomatic representations, consular establishments, other official representative offices of the foreign states, international organizations, personnel of these representations, agencies and organizations for official and personal use.

The measures for the protection of the intellectual property rights, taken by instrument to measure the energy content, the Customs authorities, do not hinder the right holder to resort to victorian, any means of is chocolate, protection of their rights in accordance with the legislation of the states-members of the Customs Union. The Customs authorities take the measures for the protection of the intellectual property rights, the Customs register of which is kept by these Customs authorities in the state-member of the Customs Union and the intellectual property items, included into the single customs register of intellectual property items of the states-members of the Customs Union and in accordance with the legislation of the states - members of the Customs Union also in respect of the intellectual property items, not included into newspaper such customs registers. Article 329. The timing of the protection of the intellectual property rights by the Customs authorities. The timing of the protection of the right holders rights for the intellectual property items is established when including the intellectual property items into the Customs registers, maintained by the Customs authorities in the states-members of the Customs Union and the single customs register of intellectual property items of the states - members of the Customs Union, taking into account the timing, indicated by the right holder in the application, but no more than 2 (two) years from the date of are in skeleton, inclusion into such registers.

The indicated period can be extended on the basis of the right holders application the unlimited number of times, but each time for no more than 2 (two) years, if the conditions, provided for in this chapter, are complied with. The timing of the protection of the victorian right holders rights for intellectual property items cannot exceed the right holders rights validity period for the appropriate intellectual property item. Article 330. The Customs registers of the intellectual property items. On the basis of the right holders applications the Customs authorities include the intellectual property items into is chocolate the Customs register of intellectual property items, which is maintained in the customs authority of the state - member of the Customs Union in the manner and under the conditions, established by the legislation of the victorian newspaper states - members of the Customs Union. The customs authority includes the intellectual property items into the Customs register of intellectual property items, which is maintained in for scholarship examples, the customs authority of the state - member of the Customs Union, which are subject to protection at the territory of the state-member of the Customs Union, in accordance with the legislation of this state. The conditions of including the items of the intellectual property into the single Customs register of intellectual property items of the states-members of the Customs Union and the procedure of its maintaining are defined by the international contract of the states- members of the Customs Union. Article 331. The suspension of the release of the goods, containing items of intellectual property.

1 While committing the customs operations, connected with the placement under the customs procedures of the goods, containing the items of intellectual property, included into the Customs register, kept by the Customs authority of the victorian newspaper state-member of the hard riassunto Customs Union, or into the single Customs register of the intellectual property items of the states-members of the Customs Union, the customs authority revealed the signs of violations of the intellectual property rights, the release of such goods is suspended for a period of 10 (ten) working days. As per the request of the right holder or the newspaper person, representing his interests, this period can be extended by karl, the customs authority but for no more than 10 (ten) working days, if the indicated people have applied to the authorized agencies for the protection of the right holders rights in accordance with the legislation of the states-members of the Customs Union. The decisions to suspend the release of the goods and to extend the suspension of the release of the goods are made in the written form by victorian newspaper, the head of the customs authority or by the person, authorized by him. 2 The customs authority not later than 1 (one) working day, following the day of making the decision to suspend the release of the goods, containing the items of the intellectual property, shall notify the declarant and the right holder or the people, representing their interests, about such a suspension, about the reasons and the timing of the suspension, and also lets the declarant know the name (surname, name, patronymic name) and the location (address) of the right holder and/or the person, representing his interests, and lets the right holder or the person, representing his interests know the name (surname, name, patronymic name) and location (address) of the declarant. 3 Upon the expiration of the suspension of the release of the how many bones are in the axial goods, containing the items of intellectual property, the release of such goods is recommenced in the order, stipulated by this Code, except for newspaper the cases when the customs authority has been provided with the documents, confirming the hard dickens withdrawal of the goods, the imposition of arrest on them or confiscation of them or the other documents in accordance with the legislation of the states-members of the victorian newspaper Customs Union. 4 The Customs authorities have the right to suspend the release of the goods, containing the how many skeleton items of the intellectual property, not included into the Customs register of the intellectual property items, which is maintained by the Customs authority of the state-member of the Customs Union and the single Customs register of newspaper, intellectual property items of the states-members of the Customs Union, without the right holders application in the manner, determined by the legislation of the states-members of the Customs Union.

5 The right holder in accordance with the civil legislation of the states-members of the Customs Union is responsible for the property damage (damage) caused to the declarant, owner, recipient of the goods, containing the items of intellectual property, as a result of the suspension of the release of the goods in accordance with this chapter, if the violation of right holders rights will not be determined. Article 332. Cancellation of the decision about the suspension of the release of the goods, containing items of intellectual property. 1 The decision to suspend the release of goods is to educating essay, be canceled prior to newspaper, the expiration of the suspension of the release of goods if: 1) the how many bones skeleton customs authority received the application of the right holder or the person, representing his interests, about canceling such a decision; 2) the intellectual property item is excluded from the Customs register of the intellectual property items, which is maintained by the Customs authority of the state-member of the Customs Union and victorian the single Customs register of the intellectual property items of the states-members of the what to measure content of foods? Customs Union;

3) the victorian other cases are determined by the legislation of the states - members of the Customs Union. 2 Cancellation of the decision to suspend the release of the goods shall be drawn up in the written form by the head of the customs authority or by the person, authorized by him. After canceling the decision about the suspension of the bones are in skeleton release of the goods the release of such goods is victorian newspaper recommenced and it is carried out in accordance with this Code, unless otherwise provided for in the legislation of the states-members of the Customs Union. Article 333. Riassunto! Provision of the newspaper information, taking samples and specimens of goods.

The customs authority provides to the declarant, to the right holder or to what instrument to measure content, the person, representing his interests, the information about the goods in respect of which the decision to victorian newspaper, suspend the what is used to measure content release has been made. The information, received by the declarant, by the right holder or by the person, representing his interests, is confidential in accordance with this article and shall not be disclosed by them, shall not be shared with the third parties, as well as with the state authorities, except for the cases, provided for in the legislation of the victorian states-members of the essay Customs Union. Victorian! With the written permission of the customs authority the right holder, the declarant or their representatives have the right under the customs control to select the samples and the specimens of the goods, related to which it was decided to suspend their release, to perform their research, as well as to view, to make photos or to karl marx education, otherwise record-keep such goods. 2017 .